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Barnardos (2009) Report 'Written Out Written Off'

13th May 2009

A new research report from Barnardos, 'Written Out, Written Off', demonstrates the necessity for investment in educational services for children suffering from disadvantage.

Early school leavers have a higher risk of committing or being convicted of a crime. American research, for example, indicates higher incarceration rates among high school dropout males than among other groups (Lockner et al., 2004; Arum and Beattie, 1999).

In Ireland, there is little systematic information available on the educational profile of offenders or prisoners but smaller studies reveal similar results. A sample of prisoners in Mountjoy (O’Mahony, 2002) indicated that 80% had left school before the age of 16, 50% had left before the age of 15, while 75% had never sat a State examination.Over a quarter (29%) of the prisoners had difficulties in relation to literacy. The costs associated with each prison place are €97,700 per year (2007 figures).

For full details, please visit the 'Written Out, Written Off' section of the Barnardos website. 

Source: Barnados (2009)

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