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OECD Report (2009) 'Doing Better for Children'

1st September 2009

The OECD (2009) report 'Doing Better for Children' emphasises the significance of early intervention and prevention strategies for children. The report claims previous research has highlighted intervention and prevention are significant contributors in combating poverty and social exclusion.

The well-being of children is high on the policy agenda across the OECD. But what is the actual state of child well-being today? How much are governments spending on children and are they spending it at the right times? What social and family policies have the most impact during children’s earliest years? Is growing up in a single-parent household detrimental to children? Is inequality that persists across generations a threat to child well-being? Doing Better for Children addresses these questions and more.

How does child well-being compare across OECD countries? Chapter 2 presents a child well-being framework and compares outcome indicators for children in OECD countries across six dimensions: material well-being; housing and environment; education; health; risk behaviours; and quality of school life. Read the full chapter Comparative Child Well-being across the OECD.

Chapter 7 offers a range of policy recommendations for improving child well-being. Read the full concluding chapter Doing Better for Children: The Way Forward

Source: OECD  (2009)