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'Clean Break' Theatre Co: working women whose lives have been affected by the Criminal Justice System.

29th October 2009

Clean Break’ is a relatively new theatre, education and writing company set up to provide and work with women whose lives have been affected by the British criminal justice system. The theatre is used as a platform to educate, inform and change lives.

On an annual basis the company commissions a professional female playwright to develop a play on the theme of women and crime. The company visits women’s prisons around England with the latest play by Chloe Moss This Wide Night. Prior to the play, the female playwright, Chloe Moss, spent three months running workshops in HMP Cookham Wood. The play has been influenced by a number of women in prisons met by the playwright, from diversified backgrounds and varied offences and sentence lengths including life sentenced female prisoners.

This Wide Night emphasizes the significance of relationships in prisons, in particular how these relationships can and cannot be formed in different social contexts. The play also focuses on the issue of the fear by women prisoners associated with the resettlement stage.     

Visit the Clean Break Theatre Company website here.

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