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Prison Building

22nd January 2019 – Prison Building Programme

15th January 2019 – Office of Public Works Project

12th December 2018 – Prison Accommodation

6th November 2018 - Departmental Properties (Thornton Hall)

25th October 2018 – Departmental Budgets

24th October 2018 – Thornton Hall

9th October 2018 - Budget 2019: Statements

3rd July 2018- Irish Prison Service Recruitment 

3rd July 2018- Midlands Prison Building Programme

26th June 2018 - Departmental Properties

19th June 2018 - State Properties

13th June 2018 - Prison Building Programme

12th June 2018 - Prison Facilities

3rd May 2018 - New Male and Female Prison Facilities (Limerick Prison)

7th February 2018 - Prison Building Programme

12th December 2017 - Irish Prison Service

19th October 2017 - Prison Service Strategies

10th October 2017 - Prison Service Strategies (Dochas Centre)

4th May 2017 - Violent and Disruptive Prisoner Unit

2nd May 2017 - Prison Building Programme (Thornton Hall)

13th April 2017 - Prison Building Programme (Portlaoise Prison)

13th April 2017 - Prison Building Programme (Limerick Prison)

30th March 2017 - Prison Building Data

30th March 2017 - Repurposing of the Training Unit

21st March 2017 - Repurposing of the Training Unit

18th November 2016  - Mountjoy Prison Maintenance & Prisoner Transfer

21 June 2016 - Cell Sharing Risk Assessment Policy 

8th December 2015 - Prison accommodation provision for people with a physical disability

8th December 2015 - Changes to the capacity of the Prison Service over the last 4 years

24th November 2015 - No plans to increase custody capacity

12th November 2015 - Proposals on converting some existing accommodation in the prison system to lower security arrangements

20th October 2015 - Plans to address capacity issues in prisons

29th September 2015 - Prison accommodation provision in Limerick Prison

6th May 2015 - No plans for further development of Cloverhill Prison or Loughan House

6th May 2015 - Proposed development of Limerick Prison

18th February 2015 - Open prison for female prisoners

14th January 2015 - Update on prison building projects

5th February 2014 - Capital building projects in Irish Prison system to be completed in 2014

12th November 2013 - Update on state of development of Oberstown, including availability of drug treatment facilities and staff resources

12th November 2013 - 80% annual Capital Expenditure budget of Dept. Children & YA on Oberstown

25th September 2013 - Refurbishment works at Portlaoise Prison including the installation of in-cell sanitation

18th September 2013 - Update on financing of Cork Prison and Oberstown Children Detention School building projects

4th July 2013 - Visiting conditions at Cork Prison

27th June 2013 - Development Cork Prison (Second Stage)  (Dáil debate)

18th June 2013 - Development of Cork Prison: Motion

23rd May 2013 - Update on planned review of St. Patrick's Institution following transfer of all prisoners aged under 18 in 2014

23rd May 2013 - Update on plans for Harristown House, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon including housing of offenders and access to local town

21st March 2013 - Update on plans for St. Patrick's Institution and the housing of sex offenders and protection prisoners

14th March 2013 - Update on plans for Open Prison at Castlerea

12th March 2013 - Questions relating to security and costs of proposed open prison at Castlerea

27th February 2013 - Plans for Open Prison facility at Castlerea, co Roscommon

23rd January 2013 – Update on new prison facility in Cork.

5th December 2012 – Steps to address shortage of prison accommodation.

17th July 2012 – Replacement of outdated accommodation

8th May 2012 - Annual increase in prison committals and plans to address overcrowding

1st December 2011 - Capital strategy for IPS

1st December 2011 - Renovations, overcrowding and conditions

1st December 2011 - Capacity in open prisons, capacity in Dóchas Centre

22nd November 2011 - Plans to increase use of open prisons and provision of step down facilities

24th May 2011 - Terms of reference of Thornton Hall review

24th May 2011 - Number of prison spaces added since 2007

18th May 2011 - Prisoner numbers and update on current building projects

13th April 2011 - Update on Cork prison building

7th April 2011 - Measures to address slopping out and overcrowding in the prison system

12th January 2011 - Progress on Thornton Hall

17th November 2010- Progress on the Thornton Hall project 

7th October 2010 - Amount of taxpayers money spent on plans to build a prison at Thornton Hall

30th September 2010 - Increase in prisoner capacity at the Dóchas Centre 

29th September 2010 - Update on new prison at Kilworth, County Cork

7th July 2010 - Measures to reduce overcrowding

6th July 2010 - Update on Kilworth, Cork

30th June 2010 - Pat Rabbitte and Dermot Ahern discuss Thornton Hall

15th June 2010 - Expenses at Thornton Hall site

10th June 2010 - Current number of prison spaces and plans for provision of new spaces

1st June 2010 - Extension of Midlands Prison

1st June 2010 - New prison at Kilworth, Co. Cork

25th May 2010 - To-date progress and costs of Thornton Hall

25th May 2010 - Progress of plans for new prison at Kilworth, Co. Cork

18th May 2010 - Plans for Thornton Hall

13th May 2010 - Thornton Hall plans reaffirmed

1st April 2010 - Plans to build a new Children Detention Centre still on track despite media reports

25th March 2010 - Information regarding the progress of Thornton Hall

25th March 2010 - Minister for Justice responds questions about over-crowding, new prison spaces and Thornton Hall

4th February 2010 - Dermot Ahern outlines the current position with regard to Thornton Hall

2nd February 2010 - Creation of new prison spaces

10th December 2009 - Dermot Ahern responds to questions on the cost and progress of Thornton Hall

10th December 2009 - Dermot Ahern expands on the progress and rationale for Thornton Hall

10th December 2009 - Availability and creation of prison spaces

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