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Youth Justice

5th December 2017 - Garda Youth Diversion Programmes

29th November 2017 - Juvenile Population in Child Detention Centres

29th November 2017 - Annual Cost of Child Detention Centres

29th November 2017 - Weekly Cost of Child Detention Centres

19th October 2017 - Youth Justice Strategy 

19th October 2017 - Garda Youth Diversion Projects

19th October 2017 - Garda Youth Diversion Projects

10th October 2017 - Youth Justice Strategy

11th May 2017 - Rehabilitative and Educational Supports for Juvenile Offenders

13th April 2017 - Funding Provided Under the DCYA Capital Plan for Oberstown

5th April 2017 - Support Services for First-Time Juvenile Offenders

28th March 2017 - Minors in Custody in Adult Prisons 

28th March 2017 - Percentage of Children on Remand

28th February 2017 - Extension of Garda Youth Diversion

28th February 2017 - Number of Children in Prison

28th February 2017 - Youth Justice Strategy

15th February 2017 - Publication of 2015 & 2016 reports of Committee to Monitor the Effectiveness of Garda Youth Diversion

14th February 2017 - Overuse of Detention on Remand for Children

14th February 2017 - Children's Detention Centre

29th November 2016 - Oberstown Review Publication

29th November 2016 - Comissioning and Publication of Reports by Department of Children and Youth Affairs

29th November 2016 - Oberstown Separation Policy

16th September 2016 - Need for a Published Youth Justice Strategy

16th September 2016 - Placement of Young Adults in Enhanced Accommodation as a Standard

16th September 2016 - Number of 18-20 Year Olds in Prison

16th September 2016- Prison Alternatives for Young Women

16th September 2016 - Provision of Out of Cell Time

16th September 2016 - Numbers Detained in St. Pats

21st July 2016 - Segregation of Young Prisoners 

21st July 2016 - Staff Numbers in Youth Detention Centres

21st July 2016 - Extension of Garda Youth Diversion 

21st July 2016 - Availability of Rehabilitative Programs

9th June 2016 - Vesting Power in the Department of Children and Youth Affairs 

15th December 2015 - Number of notifiable incidents recorded at Oberstown in the last year

2nd December 2015 - Use of “single separation” in child detention schools 

1st December 2015 - The extent to which support services exist to rehabilitate, educate and upskill first-time juvenile offenders

10th November 2015 - Number of school age adolescents who engage with Garda Síochána diversion programmes in each yea

21st October 2015 - Deteriorating safety situation at Oberstown Youth Detention Centre

21st October 2015 - Adequacy of places of detention for juvenile offenders and the availability of rehabilitative services

18th June 2015 - Children (Amendment) Bill 2015: Second Stage (resumed)

17th June 2015 - Children (Amendment) Bill 2015: Second Stage

9th June 2015 - Juvenile offenders on remand

27th May 2015 - Juvenile offenders

21st April 2015 - Provision of educational facilities at Oberstown

15th April 2015 - Rehabilitative and counselling facilities available to young offenders at present

10th March 2015 - Closure of St Patricks Detention Centre

28th January 2015 - Number of youth detention centre places at Oberstown

20th January 2015 - Number of children in adult prisons in the last three years

20th January 2015 - Use of detention on remand for child offenders

13th May 2014 - Update on progress at Oberstown to facilitate transfer of 17 year old boys from St Patrick's Instn and Wheatfield

19th February 2014 - Annual costs of juvenile offender serving custodial sentence 

12th February 2014 - €31m to continue construction of new child detention facilities in Oberstown, Lusk  

12th February 2014 - The role to be played by Túslá, the Child and Family Agency, in helping to implement the Youth Justice Action Plan 2014-2018 to tackle and prevent youth crime; incl. whether Túslá will have a preventative role in the proposed national anti-crime strategy

15th January 2014 - Number of children held at child detention centres in Oberstown, including number who have an assigned social worker and number who are subject of a care order under the Child Care Acts

17th December 2013 - Transition of residents at St. Patrick's Institution to the Oberstown campus, including timeline

10th December 2013 - Impact of Garda Diversion Programme on anti-social behaviour and youth crime

13th November 2013 - The Irish Youth Justice Service's Youth Justice Action Plan 2014-2018 impending publication

12th Nov 2013 - Number of juvenile offenders and figures for Garda Diversion Programme in 2012

26th November 2013 - Update on number of child detention places, including occupancy rates and number of days where no place was available

19th September 2013 - Changes on Oberstown campus, including transfer of detained girls to new location within campus

19th September 2013 - Update on progress at Oberstown campus, including building, management, training and rostering

18th July 2013 - Capacity and other issues at Oberstown

9th July 2013 - Timeframe for the completion of the young offenders facility at Oberstown

9th July 2013 - The transfer of all inmates from St Patrick's Institution to Wheatfield Prison

4th July 2013 - Availability of institutional or custodial care for juveniles or minor offenders

4th July 2013 - Child Detention Centres (Dáil debate)

3rd July 2013 - Provision of specialised training to staff in facilities housing juvenile offenders

18th June 2013 - the construction of the new children detention school at Oberstown

13th June 2013 - current operation and funding of the Garda Diversion Programme

13th June 2013 - number of detention spaces available for young offenders, including an update on Oberstown campus

12th June 2013 - regime details on three prisoners aged 17 years on protection in St. Patrick's Institution

11th June 2013 - assaults on staff in Oberstown campus, management risks and supports

30th May 2013 - number of prisoners aged under 18 at each institution

23rd May 2013 - Update on planned review of St. Patrick's Institution following transfer of all prisoners aged under 18 in 2014

23rd May 2013 - Update on Irish Prison Service and Probation Service Social Impact Investment proposal regarding young offenders

24th April 2013 - Update on funding made available in 2013 to proceed with the National Children Detention Facility Project at Oberstown.

23rd April 2013 - Provision of Aftercare Services

28th March 2013 - Staffing issues at Children Detention Schools 

21st March 2013 - Percentage of prisoners on trial/remand in each prison, including young offenders

21st March 2013 - Commitment to closing St. Patrick's Institution as a detention centre for offenders aged 21 and under

21st March 2013 - Number of 17 year olds locked up for 18 - 23 hours a day in St. Patrick's Institution

13th February 2013 - Social and economic factors contributing to youth offending

12th February 2013 - Garda youth diversion projects in Longford and Westmeath

6th February 2013 - Update on plans to remove prisoners aged 18-21 from St Patrick's Instn

18th December 2012 – The date on which the new facility at Oberstown will be fully operational.

11th December 2012 – Number of prisoners under 18 years of age in St. Patrick's Instn.

11th December 2012 – Date for the publication of the new National Youth Justice Strategy

4th December 2012 – The steps the Minister is taking to address the situation described by the Ombudsman for Children when she reported to senior personnel in his department last year her concerns for children detained in St. Pat’s.

4th December 2012 – Whether the Minister for Justice is pressing for action, including prosecution if appropriate, against those officers responsible for the ill-treatment of young offenders detained in St. Pat’s as recently exposed by the Inspector of Prisons.

14th November 2012 – Response from the Minister to comments by the Ombudsman for Children that his department had an attitude of indifference to young offenders.

14th November 2012 – Whether the Minister plans a review of training for prison officers in St. Patrick’s and whether disciplinary action has been initiated against any member of staff following publication of the report.

14th November 2012 – Number of children under 18 years of age in St. Patrick’s on 8th November and when those children will be moved.

25th October 2012 – Deadline for the removal of children from St. Patrick’s

24th October 2012 – Intervention with young offenders and first time offenders

24th October 2012 – The report of the Inspector of Prisons on St. Patrick’s and rehabilitation.

24th October 2012 – The number of children under 18 years of age in St. Patrick’s on 20th September 2012

24th October 2012 – The steps the Minister will take in relation to the report on St. Patrick's detention centre.

17th October 2012 – Child detention centres

16th October 2012 – The expected publication of the Inspector of Prisons’ report on St. Patrick’s Institution

10th July 2012 - Number of children detained in St Patrick's Institution

20th June 2012 - Restorative Justice schemes for young offenders

15th May 2012 - Update on measures in place to end detention of children in St Patrick's Institution

8th May 2012 - Update on provision of mental health services for children in detention

13th March 2012 - Numbers on protection in St Patrick's Instn including those aged under 18

14th February 2012 - Update on building of new National Children Detention Facility at Oberstown, Lusk

25th January 2012 - Update on building of new National Children Detention Facility at Oberstown, Lusk

25th January 2012 - Crime prevention and inter-agency work with young offenders

15th December 2011 - Expanding remit of Ombudsman for Children to include those in St Patrick's Instn. (Minister for Children)

1st December 2011 - Expanding remit of Ombudsman for Children to include those in St Patrick's Institution (Minister for Justice)

1st December 2011 - Prison Visiting Committee and St Patrick's Institution

1st December 2011 - Update on construction of the National Children’s Detention Facility

22nd November 2011 - Numbers on protection in St Patrick's Institution 2007-11

22nd November 2011 - Development of child-centred policies for under-18s held in St Patrick's Institution

22nd November 2011 - Complaints mechanisms for children in St Patrick's Institution

22nd November 2011 - Update on building of new National Children Detention Facility at Oberstown, Lusk

25th October 2011 - Update on youth diversion scheme, resources

6th October 2011 - Young offenders and St Patrick's Institution (Seanad debate)

20th September 2011 - Update on progress of National Children Detention Facility at Oberstown, Lusk

20th September 2011 - Restorative Justice and the IYJS

13th July 2011 - Update on progress in youth diversion

21st June 2011 - Number of boys under the age of 18 in prison

17th May 2011 - Ending the practice of detaining children in St. Patrick’s Institution

3rd May 2011 - Crime prevention and youth diversion

17th November 2010 - Number of Anti Social Behaviour Orders since 2006

30th June 2010 - Cost of maintaining a young person for one year in St. Patrick’s Institution

16th June 2010 - Educational/training facilities and drug treatment in St. Patrick's

10th June 2010 - Recreational and educational facilities in St. Patrick's Institution

20th April 2010 - Number of young people under the age of 18 in prison

20th April 2010 - Numbers of children in Children Detention Schools

1st April 2010 - Plans to build a new National Children Detention facility still on track despite media reports

4th February 2010 - Community sanctions under Children Act 2001

4th February 2010 - Provision of new children detention facility

10th December 2009 - Attitudes to 'youth crime'

10th December 2009 - Young people and over-crowding in St. Patrick's Institution

10th December 2009 - Complaints procedure for young people in St. Patrick's Institution

10th December 2009 - Provision of Children Detention facilities

26th November 2009 - Current facilities for detention of children