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General Issues

29th January 2019 – Departmental Data

29th January 2019 - Inspector of Prisons

24th January 2019 - Committee of Public Accounts

23rd January 2019 – Community Employment Schemes Review

22nd January 2019 - Cabinet Committee Meetings

22nd January 2019 – Prisoner Transport

22nd January 2019 – Prisoner Visiting Regulations

22nd January 2019 – Inspector of Prisons

22nd January 2019 – Prison Service Staff

17th January 2019 – Public Accounts Committee (Vote 21 – Prisons)

15th January 2019 – ISL Interpreter

19th December 2018 - Irish Prison Service

18th December 2018 – Prison Service Data

18th December 2018 - Penal Policy Review Group Report

12th December 2018 - Estimates for Public Services 2018: Motion

11th December 2018 – Prison Facilities (Thornton Hall)

11th December 2018 -Prisoner Transfers

11th December 2018 – Prison Service Staff

11th December 2018 – Prison Service Data

11th December 2018 – Prison Accommodation Provision (Thornton Hall)

11th December 2018 – Prison Service Expenditure

6th December 2018 – Prisoner Transfers

5th December 2018 – Prison Service Staff

29th November 2018 – Order of Business Prisoner Pension

28th November 2018 – Public Sector Allowances Injury Warrants

27th November 2018 – Social Welfare Benefits

27th November 2018 – Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal Data

22th November 2018 – Irish Prison Service

6th November 2018 - Spent Convictions

6th November 2018 – Prison Service Staff 

6th November 2018 – Director General Appointment

17th October 2018 - Prisoner Transfers

17th October 2018 - Funding for Irish Prisoners Overseas

9th October 2018 - Emergency Accommodation Data

4th October 2018 - Irish Prisoners Abroad

2nd October 2018 - Crime Prevention 

27th September 2018 - Toland Report and Progress on Implementation of Change in Irish Prison Service

27th September 2018 - Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness

18th September 2018 - Garda Transport Provision: Prison Trucks

7th September 2018 - Human Rights

7th September 2018 - Prison Service: Records

12th July 2018- Prisoner Files

12th July 2018- Prisoner Transfers

10th July 2018- Prison Staff

5th July 2018- Recidivism Rates

3rd July 2018- Prison Discipline

28th June 2018- Prison Service Staff

28th June 2018- Penal Reform and Sentencing: Motion

27th June 2018 - International Electronic Monitoring

26th June 2018 - Prisoners on Remand

23rd May 2018 - Recidivism Rate

24th April 2018 - Community Return Scheme

17th April 2018 - Crime Data

17th April 2018 - Prisoner Transfers

29th March 2018 - Electronic Tagging

27th February 2018 - Prisoner Transfers

15th February 2018 - Garda Deployment

6th February 2018 - Recidivism Rate

31st January 2018 - Prisoner Transfers

23rd January 2018 - Irish Prison Service

5th December 2017 - Garda Vetting

5th December 2017 - Miscarriages of Justice

5th December 2017 - Prisoner Releases

5th December 2017 - Prisoner Releases

5th December 2017 - Departmental Reviews 

5th December 2017 - Restorative Justice

5th December 2017 - Prison Service and Post Release Services

29th November 2017 - Prison Service Data

29th November 2017 - Electronic Tagging

29th November 2017 - Electronic Tagging

23rd November 2017 - Prisoner Releases

9th November 2017 - Prisoner Transfers

19th October 2017 - Prisoner Releases

19th October 2017 - Recidivism Rate

11th October 2017 - Prison Visiting Committees Report

10th October 2017 - Irish Prison Service (Recruitment of Retired Prison Officers)

10th October 2017 - Irish Prison Service (Non-Custodial Approach for Female Offenders)

28th September 2017 - Appointment of New Inspector of Prisons

26th September 2017 - Prison Visiting Committee Recommendations

20th September 2017 - Application Procedure for a Prison Officer Post

11th September 2017 – Prison Service Clerical Officers 

11th September 2017 – Transfer of prisoners from abroad 

11th September 2017 – Prison Service Data

11th September 2017 - Diversion Programmes To Stop Reoffending

11th September 2017 – Prison Service Staff (Retired)

11th September 2017 - Prison Service Clerical Officers

26th July 2017 - Spent Convictions Legislation

26th July 2017 - Spent Convictions Data

13th July 2017 - Prisoners on Temporary Release

12th July 2017 - Prisoner Releases

11th July 2017 - Integrated Sentence Management Officers

11th July 2017 - Breaches of Prisoner Privacy

6th July 2017 - Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Bill 2016 - Order for Report, Report and Final Stages

20th June 2017 - Prison Service Clerical Officers

20th June 2017 - Accident and Incident Claims

17th May 2017 - Select Committee on Justice and Equality - Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Bill 2016: Committee Stage

4th May 2017 - Prisoner Officer Recruitment 

4th May 2017 - Number of Prison Officers

30th March 2017 - Gender Equality

30th March 2017 - Irish Prison Service Expenditure

30th March 2017 - Prison Service Data

30th March 2017 - Prison Accommodation

29th March 2017 - Joint Committee on Justice and Equality discussion on Penal Reform with the Simon Communities of Ireland

22nd March 2017 - Joint Committee on Justice and Equality discussion on Penal Reform with the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice

22nd March 2017 - Joint Committee on Justice and Equality discussion on Penal Reform with the Prison Officers Association

21st March 2017 - Electronic Tagging

8th March 2017 - Joint Committee on Justice and Equality discussion on Penal Reform with the Irish Prison Service and the Probation Service

1st March 2017 - Joint Committee on Justice and Equality discussion on Prisons, Penal Policy and Sentencing with the Victims' Rights Alliance

28th February 2017 - Resources Allocated to the Probation Service 

28th February 2017 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes 

28th February 2017 - Families and Imprisonment Strategy 

28th February 2017 - Bail Supports

28th February 2017 - Prisoner Release (Community Returns)

28th February 2017 - Exclusions from Temporary Release 

21st February 2017 - Prison Staff

15th February 2017 - Joint Committee on Justice and Equality scrutiny of Parole Bill 2016: Discussion; Scrutiny of Prisons (Solitary Confinement) (Amendment) Bill 2016: Discussion

14th February 2017 - Children and Family Services Provision: Parental Imprisonment

8th February 2017 - Joint Committee on Justice and Equality discussion on Prisons, Penal Policy and Sentencing with the Irish Penal Reform Trust

8th February 2017 - Bail (Amendment) Bill 2016: Second Stage

2nd February 2017 - Public Accounts Committee Comptroller & Auditor General 2015 Report on Annualised Hours of the Irish Prison Service

19th January 2017 - Transfer of Sentenced Prisoners from Abroad

18th January 2017 - Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality: Legal Aid Board Discussion (Legal Aid Custody Advice Scheme)

1st December 2016 - Mobile Phone Confiscations

1st December 2016 - Prisons (Solitary Confinement) (Amendment) Bill 2016: [Private Members]

18th November 2016 - National Traveler and Roma Inclusion Strategy

27th October 2016 - Prison Visiting Regulations

25th October 2016 - Prison Visitation Rights - Wheatfield

27th September 2016 - Ending the Use of Solitary Confinement

21st June 2016 - Women in Prison Strategy 

31st May 2016 - Families and Imprisonment Strategy 

21st April 2016 - Recalling Prisoners from Early Release

14th April 2016 - Electronic Tagging

6th April 2016 - Prisoner Data (Telephone Records)

28th January 2016 - Prisoner Data (Life Sentence Prisoners)

13th January 2016 - Prisoner Transfers under the Transfer of Sentenced Persons Acts

3rd November 2015 - Electronic Tagging and the implementation of electronic monitoring

30th September 2015 - Prisoners who whilst in custody had their legal phone calls inadvertently recorded

16th July 2015 – Penal Policy Plans, the Penal Policy Review Group and the Penal Policy Implementation Oversight Group

18th June 2015 - Young people on remand

16th June 2015 - Spent convictions legislation

10th June 2015 - Transfer of prisoners

12th May 2015 -Information on electronic tagging of prisoners

15th April 2015 - Data on prisoners who have absconded from prison

3rd March 2015 - Information on the temporary release of prisoners

5th February 2015 - Reform of the prison service?

27th January 2015 - Accommodation available to persons leaving prison

10th April 2014- Costs and usage of Electronic tagging by state

12th March 2014 - Forensic Evidence and DNA Database System Bill 2013 will allow the request of DNA samples from former offenders of the past 10 years.

13th February 2014 - Electoral Amendment Act 2006 providing Postal voting for prisoners 

6th February 2014 - Actions to target issue of homelessness among women prisoners

5th February 2014 - Update on progress of Irish Prison Service Strategic Plan 2012–2015, incl. Community Return Programme roll-out across all prisons.

30th January 2014 - Ministerial powers for temporary release

10th December 2013 - Update on use of and administration of temporary release scheme as a means of avoiding overcrowding, including use of non-custodial alternative schemes

10th December 2013 - IPS contact and cooperation with other agencies on tackling issue of homelessness among women prisoners

5th November 2013 - Update on electronic tagging

5th November 2013 - Penal Policy Review Group’s report on penal policy will be published in early 2014

3rd October 2013 - Update on vetting procedures including processing time

1st October 2013 - Update on vetting and spent convictions legislation

18th July 2013 - Accommodation for released prisoners

11th July 2013 - Numbers in relation to community return schemes

11th July 2013 - Numbers unavailable in relation to enhanced remission

10th July 2013 - The development of a dignity at work charter in the Irish Prison Service

9th July 2013 - Wifi internet and wireless telecommunications in prisons

9th July 2013 - The transfer of all inmates from St. Patrick's Institution to Wheatfield Prison

4th July 2013 - Visiting conditions at Cork Prison

3rd July 2013 - Guidance on decisions around in which prison person will be detained

23rd May 2013 - Details of Community Support Scheme in Mountjoy Prison and the Dóchas Centre

23rd May 2013 - Update on plans for Harristown House, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon including housing of offenders and access to local town

15th May 2013 - Update on Community Return Scheme and numbers of prisoners participating in each prison

15th May 2013 - Number of prisoners on structured and unstructured temporary release

15th May 2013 - Plans to address overcrowding and staff shortages in Castlerea Prison, Co. Roscommon

23rd April 2013 - Social welfare payments to prisoners

17th April 2013 - Certificates of imprisonment and post-release support

27th March 2013 - Escorted visits on compassionate grounds and costs involved

21st March 2013 - Considering the needs of children and families affected by imprisonment

21st March 2013 - Update on Information and Communications Technology Issues

23rd January 2013 – Alternatives to prison and supports for released prisoners in Cork.

18th December 2012 – Status of the Spent Convictions Bill.

11th December 2012 – Minister’s plans to increase the number of child-friendly visiting areas in prisons.

11th December 2012 – Criteria for release of prisoners through remission, temporary release or parole, and disclosure of reasons to prisoners for all decisions taken.

11th December 2012 – Minister’s plan to address the issue of spent convictions.

11th December 2012 – Probation Service resources to effectively administer the community return programme and increased number of Community Service Orders.

27th November 2012 – Response from the Minister to Central Statistics Office report on recidivism.

24th October 2012 – The number of requests from prisoners for various forms of release over the past 2 years

24th October 2012 – Expansion of community restorative justice programmes throughout the State.

23rd October 2012 – Spent convictions

11th October 2012 – The compensation, if any, given to persons who are assaulted by other prisoners while on remand.

19th September 2012 – When the strategic review of penal policy will be published.

19th September 2012 – Electronic Tagging

18th September 2012 – Complaint of prisoner in Portlaoise regarding wheelchair accessibility for visitors to the prison.

18th September 2012 – Measures for monitoring sex offenders upon their release.

17th July 2012 – Procedures in place to ensure families are notified of a prisoner transfer

17th July 2012 – Rights of foreign national prisoners

17th July 2012 – Children with parents in prison, and the facilitation of the child-parent relationship

17th July 2012 – Position regarding the proposed Penal Policy Review Group

17th July 2012 – Training provided to prison staff to support prisoners making a complaint

17th July 2012 – Whether prison staff receive any particular training to deal with family visits

17th July 2012 – Provision of seat belts to prisoners while being transferred

17th July 2012 – Highest number of transfers of an individual prisoner

17th July 2012 – Total number of prisoner transfers and number of involuntary transfers

17th July 2012 – Number of women in custody, on remand, and serving sentences of less than one year

17th July 2012 – Proposed reduction in prisoner gratuity

17th July 2012 – Details on the use of special observation cells for children and adults

17th July 2012 – Number of prisoners on protection

17th July 2012 – Breaches of prisoner privacy

17th July 2012 – Diversion of female offenders from prison system

17th July 2012 – Number of prisoners currently taking part in the community return programme.

20th June 2012 - Transfer of prisoners abroad, and victims liaison scheme

6th June 2012 - Payment of rent on local authority housing while serving a prison sentence

24th May 2012 - Update on schemes for early release for prisoners, including criteria for qualifying for early release

16th May 2012 - Post-release Management of Sex Offenders

8th May 2012 - Victims and victims' families and the Prison Service victim liaison

8th May 2012 - Resourcing of Probation Service in view of proposed early release schemes

15th March 2012 - Update on Spent Convictions Bill

28th February 2012 - Provision for prisoners to practice their religious faiths

7th February 2012 - The usefulness of community courts as a justice alternative

7th February 2012 - The use of electronic tagging in monitoring prisoners on release

25th January 2012 - Electronic tagging of prisoners

1st December 2011 - Recidivism rates

1st December 2011 - Garda vetting and spent convictions 

24th November 2011 - Average cost in 2010 of holding a prisoner in custody

22nd November 2011 - Mother and baby units in Irish prisons

22nd November 2011 - Current procedures and guidelines in place to facilitate the temporary release of prisoners

22nd November 2011 - Daily numbers on temporary release from Cork Prison 2006-2010

7th/8th June 2011 - Spent Convictions Bill: Second Stage (debate)

7th April 2011 - Spent Convictions

26th January 2011 - Prison chaplains

13th January 2011 - Plans for restorative justice projects

12th January 2011 - Accommodation facilities for prisoners leaving prison with no permanent residence 

12th January 2011 - Linkages with education and training projects in communities

16th December 2010 - Children with parents in prison

7th December 2010 - Recidivism rates 

1st December 2010 - Temporary release figures

25th November 2010 - Plans for increasing the use of restorative justice projects

7th October 2010 - Percentage of prisoners on temporary release that fail to return to prison

30th June 2010 - Percentage of prisoners on temporary release

30th June 2010 - Provision for mothers and babies in the Dóchas Centre

30th June 2010 - Recidivism rates and IPRT Reintegration Report

30th June 2010 - Senators Bacik and Cummins call for a debate on crime and prisons

22nd June 2010 - Number of prison officers per prison

22nd June 2010 - Cost of keeping persons in prison and use of alternatives to prison

18th May 2010 - Offences committed while on Temporary Release and upon early release

13th May 2010 - Temporary release in April 2010

13th May 2010 - Offenders reoffending while on bail

13th May 2010 - Prison committals for fines and civil debt

27th April 2010 - Resignation of Kathleen McMahon and subsequent prison debate

27th April 2010 - Qualification of prison officers

22nd April 2010 - Discussion of Fines Bill and imprisonment

20th April 2010 - Rules governing remission of sentence

1st April 2010 - Recidivism rates and measures to reduce this

25th March 2010 - Spent Convictions Bill

25th March 2010 - Numbers for the imprisonment of non-payment of fines and debt

4th March 2010 - Employment assistance for those released from St. Patrick's Institution

3rd March 2010 - Offender management in the community

9th February 2010 - Prisoners on temporary release and the rules governing this

4th February 2010 - Seanad touches on immigration detention and imprisonment for non-payment of fines

4th February 2010 - Temporary releases Christmas 2009

3rd February 2010 - A discussion on gangland crime and the role of prison in tackling this

21st January 2010 - Imprisonment following non-payment of fines

19th January 2010 - Prison committals for non-payment of fines

10th December 2009 - Dermot Ahern talks about temporary release

10th December 2009 - A discussion of a specific case of deportation following immigration detention

1st December 2009 - Facilities to improve prisoner re-integration

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