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Health Issues

14th December 2017 - Prisoner Health

12th December 2017 - Prisoners Treatment

5th December 2017 - Prison Drug Treatment Services

5th December 2017 - Prisoner Health

7th November 2017 - Prisoner Health

7th November 2017 - Prison Staff Training on Suicide Prevention

19th October 2017 - Drugs in Prison

11th September 2017 - Provision of Healthcare Services in Prisons

11th September 2017 - Mental Health Services in Prisons

11th July 2017 - Mental Health and the Central Mental Hospital

9th May 2017 - Mental Health Services in Prisons

13th April 2017 - Review of Prison Healthcare

30th March 2017 - Prison Medical Service (Medication)

30th March 2017 - Prison Medical Services (Maternity and Midwifery)

30th March 2017 - Inspections of Prison Health Services

30th March 2017 - Prisoner Medical Services (Mental Health Services)

28th February 2017 - Review of Prison Health Services

28th February 2017 - Central Mental Hospital 

28th February 2017 - Number of Prisoners with Serious Mental Health Issues

28th February 2017 - Drug Treatment Services 

28th February 2017 - In-Reach Staff Numbers and Hours

14th February 2017 - Prison Drug Treatment Services

24th January 2017 - Protocol for Transgender Prisoners

17th January 2017 - Mental Health Service Provision

13th December 2016 - Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention Groups

13th December 2016 - Number of Suicides in Past Decade

13th December 2016 - Prison Officer Suicide Prevention Training

6th December 2016- 'Vision For Change' Strategy and Mental Health in Prisons

15th November 2016 - Mental Health Treatment and Medication in the Prison System

11th October 2016 - Prisoner Pharmaceutical Provision

11th October 2016 - Availability of Pre and Ante-natal care 

11th October 2016 - Prison Dental Waiting Periods

11th October 2016 - Number of Prisoners with Disabilities

11th October 2016 - Mental and Physical Health Services

16th September 2016- Number of Unfilled Medical Posts

16th September 2016 - Appointment of a Prison Healthcare Director

14th July 2016 - Prison Health Review

14th July 2016 - Placing the HSE in Charge of Prison Health

16th June 2016 - Mandatory Drug Testing

1st June 2016 - Take home Naloxone 

31st May 2016 - Prisoner's Toilet Facilities 

31st May 2016 - Deaths in Prisons 2011-2016

31st May 2016 - Drugs in Prisons

31st May 2016 - Mental Health Facilities in Prisons

18th June 2015 - Mental health resources in prison 

26th May - Prison medical service

26th May 2015 - Prison drug treatment services

19th May 2015 - Prison medical service

21st April 2015 - Audits of prisoner health in Irish prisons

17th February 2015 - Number of suicides in Irish prisons in the past ten years

11th July 2013 - Audits of health care equivalence in the prison system

30th May 2013 - Update on 2012 review of the Irish Prison Service Clinical Drug Treatment Policy

23rd May 2013 - Update on Joint Task Review on Healthcare in the Prison Service

21st March 2013 - Total number of prisoners that are locked up for 18 - 23 hours per day

21st March 2013 - Number of 17 year old prisoners locked up for 18 - 23 hours per day

6th February 2013 - Update on provision of drug treatment services and detox beds in prison

17th July 2012 – Powers of the Inspector of Prisons in the investigation of deaths in prison

19th September 2012 – Number of diversions from prison to community mental health services during each year from 2006 to 2011, and to date in 2012

17th July 2012 – Number of deaths in custody in 2011 and first half of 2012, and details of same

17th July 2012 – Prisoners with special dietary requirements

17th July 2012 – Availability of dental care in prison

17th July 2012 – Availability of qualified medical staff in prisons

17th July 2012 – Number of prisoners with long term illnesses

17th July 2012 – Number of prisoners on waiting lists for drug treatment and counselling, and continuity of care following release

17th July 2012 – Prescription drugs in prison

17th July 2012 – Powers of the Inspector of Prisons in the investigation of deaths in prison

21st June 2012 - Prison medical service 

13th March 2012 - Drugs in prison, including access to treatment and provision of drug-free landings

14th February 2012 - Nursing staff in Irish prisons

14th February 2012 - Number of prisoners accessing methadone treatment, 2007-2011

6th December 2011 - Prisoners with mental health issues in Irish prisons

1st December 2011 - Reintroduction of Coroners Bill to ensure public enquiry into each death in custody

1st December 2011 - Number of prisoners suffering from mental illness and prison as an appropriate location for such persons

22nd November 2011 - Placing of mentally ill individuals in prison and plans to extend the court mental health liaison programme

22nd November 2011 - Doctor to prisoner ratio within each prison

22nd November 2011 - Provision of drug-free units in the prison system

15th June 2011 - number of doctors and contracted hours in prisons

30th September 2010 - Provision of drug treatment programs in prison

28th September 2010 - Number of prisoners on methadone treatment in each prison

30th June 2010 - Provision of drug treatment services in prison

24th June 2010 - Criminal Justice (Psychoactive Substances) Bill discussion - harm of re-addiction in prison (scroll down)

22nd June 2010 - Provision of health services in prison

17th June 2010 - The case of a mentally ill woman ejected from the Dóchas Centre

1st June 2010 - Residential drug treatment facility as alternative to custody

23rd March 2010 - A Vision for Change (with mention of prison services)

9th March 2010 - Provision of rehabilitation services in Dublin

17th February 2010 - Criminal Law (Insanity) Bill 2010 and discussion of mental health issues in prison 

9th February 2010 - Prisoner suicides

4th February 2010 - Availability of drug rehabilitation programmes

4th February 2010 - Prisoners with mental health issues

3rd February 2010 - Methadone maintenance programmes in prison

3rd February 2010 - Health facilities available in St. Patrick's Institution

10th December 2009 - Drug treatment in St. Patrick's Institution

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