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Sentencing & Law

6th February 2018 - Spent Convictions Legislation

16th January 2018 - Bail Law

29th November 2017 - Crime Data

19th October 2017 - Crime Data

18th October 2017 - Parole Boards

27th September 2017 - Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Bill 2016

11th September 2017 – Fines Administration

26th July 2017 - Parole Boards

13th July 2017 - Seanad, Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime Bill) 2016: Read a Second Time

13th July 2017 - Sexual Offences Data

4th July 2017 - Prisoner Data - Fines

22nd June 2017 - Criminal Justice Bill 2016 (changed from Bail (Amendment) Bill 2016): Committee and Remaining Stages

24th May 2017 - Select Committee on Justice and Equality - Parole Bill 2016 (Private Members' Bill): Committee Stage

24th May 2017 - Criminal Justice Bill 2016 (changed from Bail Bill 2016): Order for Report Stage & Report and Final Stages

13th April 2017 - Life Sentence Prisoners on Temporary Release Recalled to Prison in 2016

12th April 2017 - Supervision of Repeat Offenders

5th April 2017 - Number of Crimes Committed by those on Bail

5th April 2017 - Bail Amendment Bill (Consideration by Select Committee on Justice and Equality)

4th April 2017 - Bail Amendment Bill (instruction to the Select Committee on Justice and Equality)

4th April 2017 - Court Fines imposed 2011-2016

28th February 2017 - Sentencing Information Project (Resources Allocated) 

28th February 2017 - Sentencing Policy (Increase in Remission)

22nd February 2017 - Minimum Custodial Period Upon Conviction for Murder Bill 2017: Second Stage

21st February 2017 - Sentencing Policy: plans to introduce mandatory sentences for those persons convicted of burglary where the victim is an elderly person

24th January 2017 - Criminal Justice (Suspended Sentences of Imprisonment) Bill 2016 [Seanad]: Second Stage 

24th January 2017 - Average Life Sentence Length 2016 

29th November 2016 - Consecutive Life Sentences

15th November 2016  - Habitual Offenders Early Release

15th November 2016 - Criminal Justice (Suspended Sentences of Imprisonment) Bill 2016: Second Stage

20th October 2016 - Number availing of standard remission, and recidivism

11th October 2016 - Number of those availing of standard remission and who assesses them

11th October 2016- Assessment for Temporary Release Suitability 

11th October 2016- Recidivism in the case of alternatives to incarceration

16th September 2016 - Release of Current Sentencing Statistics

16th June 2016 - Drug Treatment Court

15th June 2016 - Parole Bill 2016

31st May 2016 - Sentencing Policy

2nd February 2016 - Fines Data

17 December 2015 - Prisoner Data (Fines Act 2014)

01 October 2015 - Criteria under which persons are granted enhanced remission

19th February 2015 - Number of committals in 2014 for non-payment of court-ordered fines

30th April 2014 - Proposals received from AdVIC including changes to bail laws

21st April 2015 -Data on Integrated Sentence Management System (ISMS)

13th March 2014 - Changes the Fines Bill 2013 will bring to non-payment of fines offences.

11th March 2014-Failure of Irish Criminal System to repatriate Irish prisoners serving indeterminate sentences abroad into the Irish prison estate

11th February 2014 - Intended amendment of current ability to compensate victim in lieu of sentence. Length of time spent on sex offenders register upon conviction.

29th January 2014 - Committals to prison in 2011 and 2012 for immigration-related issues, incl. breakdown by age, gender and prison

16th January 2014 - System of life sentences with possibility of temporary release to remain

15th January 2014 - Number of committals in 2012 for non-payment of court-ordered fines

10th December 2013 - Update on proposed sentencing council and sentencing guidelines for the judiciary

5th November 2013 - Update on placing of the Parole Board on a legislative footing

22nd October 2013 - Number of life-sentence prisoners released and recalled to prison in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 including the average length of time such life-sentence prisoners served.

25th September 2013 - Proposed changes to Sex Offenders Act 2001, including provisions for electronic monitoring

2nd July 2013 - Update on Fines Payment and Recovery Bill

18th June 2013 - Response to the Law Reform Commission Report on Mandatory Sentences

18th June 2013 - Sentencing guidelines, and inconsistency in the sentencing system

28th May 2013 - Update on imprisonment for fines default

23rd May 2013 - Progress made on pilot restorative justice schemes in Dóchas Centre and Wheatfield Prison

21st March 2013 - Update on strategies regarding the imprisonment for non-violent female offenders

21st March 2013 - Update on proposals to amend Bail Laws

20th March 2013 - Restorative Justice Process: Motion to extend provision (Seanad)

6th March 2013 - Update on proposals to amend Bail Laws

2nd March 2013 - Referrals to the Drug Court in Dublin North-West, 2009-12

27th February 2013 - Update on Fines (Amendment) Bill 2012

19th February 2013 - Number of prison committals for contempt of court, 2008-11

7th February 2013 - Update on legislation and sentencing guidelines for sexual offences, and supports for victims

6th February 2013 - Possibility of introducing Sentencing Guidelines, independence of judiciary

6th February 2013 - Update on plans to ratify OPCAT and establish the required National Prevention Mechanism

25th October 2012 – Consistency in sentencing policy in relation to sexual assault cases

17th July 2012 – Mandatory sentencing

13th March 2012 - Alternatives to custody

21st February 2012 - Update on payment of court fines in instalments

25th January 2012 - Number of life sentences and 10-year sentences handed down 2006-2010

17th January 2012 - Numbers imprisoned for tv-license and road traffic fines in 2011

15th December 2011 - Update on numbers imprisoned for non-payment of fines, non-payment of civil debt

1st December 2011 - Publication of legislation to update law on bail

1st December 2011 - Update on full implementation of Fines Act 2010

22nd November 2011 - Implementation of the 2011 Community Service Order legislation

22nd November 2011 - Numbers on remand 2006-2010

25th October 2011 - Expansion of community restorative projects

27th September 2011 - Life sentences, parole and victims' interests

20th September 2011 - Community Restorative Justice

20th September 2011 - Update on full enactment of Fines Act 2010, including delays in payment by instalment

14th September 2011 - Sentencing Policy, including life imprisonment

27th July 2011 - Criminal Justice (Community Service)(Amendment)(No. 2) Bill: Committee and Remaining Stages (Seanad debate)

26th July 2011 - Criminal Justice (Community Service)(Amendment)(No. 2) Bill: Second Stage (Seanad debate)

30th June 2011 - Drug Treatment Courts (Dáil debate)

29th June 2011 - Fines collection and compliance rates

23rd June 2011 - Update on Fines Act 2010 and payment by instalment

15th June 2011 - Development and review of the Drug Treatment Court

24th May 2011 - Numbers imprisoned in 2010 for non-payment of dog license fines, TV license fines and parking fines

18th May 2011 - Numbers imprisoned for non-payment of civil debt 2006-2011

17th May 2011 - Update on implementation of Fines Act 2010

1st February 2011 - Update on commencement of Fines Act

23rd November 2010 - Fines Act 2010 

17th November 2010 - Remission for offenders convicted for sexual offences

16th November 2010 - Community Service Orders

6th October 2010 - Sentencing Policy and Imprisonment as a Last Resort

24th June 2010 - Criminal Justice (Psychoactive Substances) Bill discussion - impact of sentencing on prison population

29th April 2010 - Periods of imprisonment served by life prisoners

17th February 2010 - Sentencing of sex offenders

4th February 2010 - Mandatory sentencing for burglary

4th February 2010 - Current position on mandatory sentencing

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