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Prisons "burst at the seams" as Numbers in Custody Reach 4,194

1st April 2010

The number of people in custody in Irish prisons on Mon 29th March was 4,194, with another 767 on temporary release, reports Charlie Mallon in the Evening Herald.

“With prisoners reportedly sleeping on floors, in reception areas, and doubling up in cells, the overall prison population on Monday was 4,194.” The figures were obtained from the Irish Prison Service.

The article continues:

“All sides agree that without temporary release, the prisons could not cope with the record influx from the courts which reached a record 4,000 for the first time last October. The figure continues to increase as the number of courts, judges and longer sentencing combine to bring about the situation.

“Doubling up in cells has allowed prisons to exceed capacity numbers, with independent visiting committees expressing concerns about overcrowding.

“The Prison Service has to accommodate those sent to them by the courts, while keeping rival factions apart and catering for the vulnerable.”

Read the Evening Herald article here.

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