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Today FM: Women in Prison

13th April 2010

IPRT Executive Director Liam Herrick discusses the issue of women in prison with Brenda Power, debating whether differential treatment of offenders based on gender is justified.

Women in prison was the focus of IPRT's 13th April Press Release which highlighted the over-crowding in Dublin's Dóchas Centre and the increasing numbers of women being committed for non-violent offences.

The imprisonment of women, many of whom have multiple needs ranging from issues of drug dependency to mental health problems, is counter-productive in the majority of cases, and destructive to the family and the community. 

Find out more:

  • Listen to the TodayFM piece here (13th April, 5.30pm)
  • Read the IPRT Press Release on Women in Prison here
  • IPRT resource on Women in Detention
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