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Irish Times: Conditions in Mountjoy Prison are appalling

26th April 2010

Once again the condition of Mountjoy prison have been highlighted as inhumane and severely outdated. In an Opinion Piece in today's 'Irish Times', Paul MacKay, a member of the visiting committee of Mountjoy prison, comments on the conditions he has witnessed over the past three years.

He states that throughout his term the conditions have been ‘appalling’ with prisoners sleeping in shower areas, reception areas and on floors infested with cockroaches, mice, ants and other vermin. However concerns raised have been met with denial, indifference and obstruction by all parties involved.

He calls for basic human rights for those who by any definition are among our most vulnerable in society even while they are incarcerated by the State as punishment for their wrongdoings

In conclusion, he calls for the Irish Prison Service to acknowledge and honour its responsibilities to prisoners and staff at Mountjoy Prison.

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