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Incredible Years Ireland Study

26th January 2010

This summary report presents key findings from a large evaluation of the effectiveness of the Incredible Years BASIC Preschool/Early School Years Parent Training (IYP) programme as an intervention for Irish children (aged 3-7years) with emotional and behavioural difficulties. The evaluation involved three separate, but inter-related sub-studies which aimed to assess the experiences of parents involved in the programme and to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the IYP programme.

The findings of the study combined to illustrate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the Incredible Years BASIC Preschool/ Early School Years Parent Training programme as a means of reducing early onset conduct problems amongst young children in community-based settings and in improving parenting skills, competencies and the well being of family members.  This programme can clearly assist in reducing delinquency amongst young people and can help to promote positive behaviour. 

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