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Prison Mental Health: Vision and Reality

21st September 2010

This new publication from the Royal College of Nursing, the Centre for Mental Health and Nacro, aims to examine the achievements in prison mental health over recent years from a number of different personal perspectives and individual observations of working within the prison system in England. It looks at the specific achievements of inreach teams and of efforts to divert offenders from custody.

It also looks more broadly at the rapid growth of the prison population during the same period and the treatment of offenders with mental health problems outside as well as inside prison.

The report clearly demonstrates that improvements still have to be made in the way in which offenders with mental health problems are supported, both inside and outside prison.  This must be done through reinvesting resources in more effective interventions rather than by merely adding extra investment onto an unreformed system. Changing attitudes towards the way in which prison mental health is dealt with is vital and is in the interests of everyone in society.

To view the full report click here.

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