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Irish Independent: Ireland 'shamed' by prison report

10th February 2011

An article published in the Irish Independent today highlights the findings in the CPT report "appalling standards in crisis-hit jails from chronic overcrowding to drug abuse, inadequate mental health care, slopping out and daily violence."

IPRT Executive Director, Liam Herrick, is quoted in the article:

"This report shows a litany of broken commitments and inaction in relation to chronic problems over the past two decades," he said. "There has been a failure of leadership to address the problems within our prisons.

"The bottom line is that prisoners and the general public are left with a prison system that is unacceptable and which has exposed Ireland to international shame."

The article also reports on the unacceptable conditions that prisoners are subjected to in the different prisons around the country.

IPRT is calling on the next government to commit to reduce prison numbers in its 10 Steps to Better and Safer Communities campaign.

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