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Irish Examiner: Logan plea to prison service after complaints at young offenders facility

10th February 2011

The Irish Examiner writes about the publication from the Ombudsman for Children report on St.Patrick's Institution. The article discusses how the Ombudsman, Emily Logan, has expressed concern about the conditions in which young people are being held and is urging the next government to speed up the closure of the prison which detains 16 -21 year olds.

The group was particularly concerned that separation of children from adult prisoners is not always achieved in practice, as young people on protection or on special medical observation are often held in the same areas of the prison as adults.

The article also refers to the National Children Detention Facility which is due to be opened in 2014 and which will then accept young people aged between 16-17. Ms.Logan also recommended that her office be extended to accept complaints from those being detained at St.Patrick's.

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