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UK: Improving Services for Young People - an economic perspective

29th March 2011

Catch 22 is a UK charity that believes in helping young people to 'get on in life' by providing them with support and help if they find themselves in difficult situations. A report commissioned by the charity, compiled by nef (the new economics foundation), found that if services for young people aged between 16 -25 were improved, it could save the tax-payer in the long run.

The report states that over 200,000 young people in the UK find themselves in troubled circumstances during this life stage, which can often lead to personal, emotional and physical problems in later life. The estimated cost of youth unemployment is £8.1 billion per year, and crime costs a further £1 billion per year. The report found that for every £1 invested in young people's services, the economy would see a return of £5.65.

Catch 22 is campaigning for more integrated services for young people as part of their Ready or Not Campaign, which found that at the ages of 16, 17 and 18 in particular, young people who do not have family support are at risk of falling into difficulties. 

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