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UPR: Hundreds Join Call for Rights Reforms

19th April 2011

The Universal Periodic Review report entitled 'Your Rights.Right Now' was launched today by Minister for State, Kathleen Lynch TD. 

The report was completed in conjunction with 17 non-governmental organisations, including IPRT, who are calling for the protection of social, economic, political and civil rights in Ireland. Over a hundred organisations have signed up to endorse the report.

In October this year, the Uniter Nations Human Rights Council will examine Ireland's human rights record and see if it is complying with it's international human rights obligations. This report is aimed at identifying the gaps in human rights protection so that adequate time is given for the Government to bring human rights standards into line with international ones.

Speaking at the launch of the report, ICCL Director Mark Kelly, said;

“Ireland has a richly-deserved reputation for promoting and protecting human rights abroad, but the State has yet to match its international record at home. We hope that this new, reform-minded Government will look seriously at the protection gaps identified in this report and introduce more effective national mechanisms to guarantee that its international human rights obligations will be respected,”

More about UPR

Under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) the human rights situation of all the countries within the United Nations (UN) are reviewed. This is a new human rights monitoring system of the UN Human Rights Council. It aims at improving the human rights situation on the ground in each of the 192 countries within the UN.

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