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The Sunday Times: Bill could let offenders keep past crimes from employers

1st May 2011

In today's printed Irish edition of The Sunday Times, Mark Tinghe reports on the forthcoming Spent Convictions Bill 2007 which is due too be published by the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter this summer.

In the article, Tinghe reports that current Irish law ensures that past convictions are disclosed when asked by a prospective employer.

IPRT's Liam Herrick is quoted in the article stating:

'Most offending takes place when individuals are in a particular age bracket, and behavior in late teens or early twenties is not an accurate predictor of how individuals will behave in their thirties and forties'

The article goes on to say that the Bill will not cover those involved in insurance fraud, sexual offences or cases tried in the Special Criminal Court.

In another article, entitled 'The web never forgets' (in the same edition of The Sunday Times), Tinghe goes on to explain how there are current attempts by the EU to give people more of a say over the information which is published about them on the internet.

In this second article, Liam Herrick goes on to say that accessing information about convictions is a complex issue involving the rights of victims and their families.

'The IPRT believes access to such information should be limited where a conviction has been deemed spent and the person no longer has a duty to disclose the conviction'

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