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thejournal.ie: Deep concern expressed by UN at levels of overcrowding in Irish prisons

6th June 2011

thejournal.ie has reported on the UN Committee Against Torture's recommendations to the Irish State about how to eliminate torture and other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment in Irish prisons and other institutions. 

The article highlights points made by the committee who have expressed 'deep concern' about the level of overcrowding in Irish prisons as well as labeling the practice of slopping-out as 'inhumane and degrading'. The Committee, the article reports, has also insisted on being notified about the progression of Thornton Hall project and the establishment of non-custodial sanctions.

IPRT's Liam Herrick was quoted in the article speaking about the Committee's recommendations:

"The high rate of inter-prisoner violence within the Irish system is highlighted by the Committee as a particular concern and the Committee has issued specific directions to the Government to address the contributing factors such as the availability of drugs, the existence of feuding gangs, lack of purposeful activities, lack of space and poor material conditions; including a call to investigate allegations of racism against Traveller prisoners"

The arctile also covers other recommendations from the UNCAT, including investigating the State's involvemnet in incidents of rendition flights, detaining children in St. Patrick's Institution and corporal punishment.

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