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Probation Service Annual Report 2010: Figures

24th August 2011


  • 14,926 – the number of offenders the Probation Service dealt with in the community
  • 7,800 – the number of offenders referred to the Probation Service in 2010
  • 1,972 - the number of community service orders made 
  • 4,841 – the number of participants in Young Person’s Probation
  • €244 – the cost of a Community Service Report to the Court
  • 882 – the number of years in detention saved as community service used as an alternative to imprisonment
  • 11-34% - the cost of community service as a fraction of the cost of imprisonment 

Increases and Decreases

  • 11% decrease in court referrals to the Probation service from 2008 to 2010
  • 6% decrease in the number of offenders referred to the Probation Service from 2009 to 2010 (differs from court referrals due to numerous referrals for some individuals)
  • 40% overall increase in the number of community service orders made

Dublin Pilot Scheme

A New Model of Community Service was piloted successfully in Dublin in 2010 involving same day assessments for community service with plans to roll it out nationwide in 2011.  

  • 72% - of assessments resulted in community service order
  • 80% - of community service orders started within 10 days 
  • 70% - of community service orders completed within one month
  • 34% - increase in new community service orders in the pilot area.

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