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Irish Examiner: 'Children’s groups critical of Government failings'

23rd January 2012

Writing in the Irish Examiner, Caroline O'Doherty reports that government failures to protect children’s health, welfare and rights are still rife despite commitments to do better in all areas according to the Children's Rights Alliance Report Card 2012, which was published today:

"In particular the ‘Is The Government Keeping Its Promises to Children’ report raises serious concerns about the detention of children in prison 10 years after legislation ruled the practice unacceptable. Giving the Government an ‘F’ grade on the subject, the Alliance warns that the continued detention of boys of 16 and 17 in the Victorian-era St Patrick’s Institution on the Mountjoy campus breached domestic and international human rights law."

Liam Herrick, director of the Irish Penal Reform Trust which is a member of the Children's Rights Alliance, comments on the "long-standing government commitment to treat children in an appropriate manner and a long-standing failure to do so", detailing the specific concerns, and the need for clarity on the plans to replace the institution.

Read the article in full here.

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Liam Herrick spoke to RTÉ 'News at One' about the issue.

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