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Reports on Arbour Hill Prison published

5th April 2012

The Minister for Justice has published a report on an inspection of Arbour Hill Prison by Inspector of Prisons, Judge Michael Reilly, along with the Arbour Hill Prison Visiting Committee Annual Report for 2011.

Whilst finding the prison well run and with much to commend, including the high standards maintained within the physical environment, the Inspector raises concerns around overcrowding and also the care of elderly prisoners.

The report also details that, since its introduction in January 2009, 105 prisoners have participated in the 'Building Better Lives' (BBL) programme for sex offenders; 71 offenders have completed the programme, and there are currently 24 prisoners participating at various stages.

The Inspector recommends that the 'Building Better Lives' programme would operate at its most efficient with ongoing assistance and monitoring following the prisoners' release from prison.

For the reports, along with media coverage, please see below.

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