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Fundraiser for CAP by 'The Participants'

3rd May 2012

CAP Fundraiser

CAP (Care After Prison) will be the beneficiaries of an upcoming fundraising gig by The Participants on 3rd May in the Mercantile Bar, Dublin 2 - it's for a great cause, so come along!

IPRT were beneficiaries of a previous gig by The Participants, last December in the Lower Deck Portobello Bridge, and an ace time was had by all! Great music, great crowd and great fun.

The Participants

Pathways Project is a CDVEC (City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee) programme for the reintegration of ex-prisoners and offenders through education and counselling.

Pathways have a music class and out of that grew the band ‘The Participants’. The band consists of participants who use the centre and a couple of teachers with experience in bands.  Everyone is welcome to have a bash if they feel they have talent.  

The core of the band consists of bass, drums and two guitarists; all of whom sing.  There are another four singers who perform individually and collectively cover and original songs that have been critically acclaimed.

The best things about the band are that they have fun and they only perform gigs for charity so egos are left at the door.  

Previously, they raised money for Temple St. Children’s Hospital and The Prison Phoenix Trust, which teaches prisoners techniques for becoming free while in prison through Meditation, Yoga and behavioural modification.

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