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8th November 2018 – Prison Service Strategies

17th October 2018 - Access to Prison Education Service

16th October 2018 - Implementation of Practical Supports for Victims

10th July 2018- Probation and Welfare Services

5th July 2018- Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes

27th June 2018- Prison Education Service 

12th June 2018 - Voting

12th June 2018 - Prison Education Service

23rd May 2018 - Prisoner Rehabilitation and Education Programmes

17th May 2018 - Voting

17th April 2018 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes

17th April 2018 - Prison Service Data

17th April 2018 - Prison Education Service

16th January 2018 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes

5th December 2017 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes

5th December 2017 - Inspector of Prisons Reports

5th December 2017 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes

19th October 2017 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes

20 September 2017 - Review of Incentivised Regimes Policy

20 September 2017 - Prison Education Service

26th July 2017 - Review of Incentivised Regimes Policy

26th July 2017 - Educational Services for Prisoners

12th July 2017 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes

12th July 2017 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes

11th July 2017 - Number of Independent Living Skills Units

11th July 2017 - Number of Prisoners that Have Access to Communal Dining

11th July 2017 - Visits for Life Sentenced Prisoners

11th July 2017 - Number of Evening and Weekend Visits Facilitated

11th July 2017 - Number of Family Visits Requested and Refused

11th July 2017 - Educational Services Available to Prisoners

11th July 2017 - Treatment Services Available to Prisoners

4th May 2017 - Review of Education in Prisons 

4th April 2017 - 'Safer Lives' Programme

30th March 2017 - Prison Education Services

30th March 2017 - Community Return Programme

2nd February 2017 - Prisoner Gratuity Payments

16th December 2016 - Solitary Confinement Practices

16th December 2016 - First-Time Offender Segregation

15th November 2016- Prisoner Rehabilitative and Education Programs

15th November 2016- Solitary Confinement

25 October 2016 - Restricted regimes practices

11th October 2016 - Prisoner Skill Development and Training Availability

4th October 2016 - Number of Prisoners Engaging in Open University Courses

28th September 2016 - Drug Pilot Schemes

27th September - Prisoner Employment Schemes

14th July 2016 - Prison Visiting Committees

12th July 2016 - Social Integration Services

8th June 2016 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes

31st May 2016 - Prison Education Service

13th January 2016 - Restricted Regime for Discipline Purposes

15th December 2015 - Number of prisoners aged 18-25 taking part in workshops

15th December 2015 - Access to Libraries

15th December 2015 - Number of prisoners doing Open University courses

15th December 2015 - Number of prisoners participating in the integrated sentence management scheme and services for mental health and drug addiction

3rd December 2015 - Participation and access to sexual offence treatment programmes

1st December 2015 - Prisoner rehabilitation programmes

13 October 2015 - Number of prisoners taking part in educational or rehabilitative services

14th July 2015 - Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes at Wheatfield Place of Detention and level of attendance

23rd June 2015 - Prison incentivised regimes policy

9th June 2015 - Mental health research programmes

26 May 2015 - Prison education service

26 May 2015 - Prisoner rehabilitation programmes

21st April 2015 - Strategies for older prisoners, women prisoners and young offenders

24th March 2015 - Reduction in funding for rehabilitation schemes

24th March 2015 - Prison education scheme

27th January 2015 - Interventions to address level of female prison population

13th May 2014 - Number of prisoners accessing Open University courses; termination of NCAD fine art programme

13th May 2014 - Provision of library services in prisons

13th May 2014 - Number of workshop and work-training posts that are vacant

15th April 2014 - Availability of a chaplaincy service to minority faiths in the prison estate

10th April 2014 - Reform of Prisoner Visiting Committees, and enhancement of rehabilitation and training programmes 

11th March 2014 - Call for mandatory rehabilitation programmes for sexual offenders in prisons

27th February 2014 - Number of prisoners in educational, up-skilling or rehabilitation programs.

18th February 2014 - Educational facilities available in prisons currently

5th February 2014 - Update on the Mountjoy Prison Work Party and Community Return Programme 

15th October 2013 - Departmental expenditure on training of prisoners for the last seven years.

25th September 2013 - Schemes available to assist former offenders to access the labour force or training

18th September 2013 - Prisoner rehabilitation services for sex offenders

18th July 2013 - Rehabilitation programmes for first time offenders

10th July 2013 - Additional work, training, exercise and education facilities available in Midlands Prison since the opening of the new block in 2012

30th May 2013 - Number of vacant workshop and training posts, and update on prisoner participation on accredited courses

30th May 2013 - Prison library opening hours

30th May 2013 - Prison education, libraries, Open University spend in 2013

30th May 2013 - Update on operation of incentivised regimes in each prison

30th May 2013 - Staff allocation to Integrated Sentence Management programme

23rd May 2013 - Number of Integrated Service Management Officers in each prison

23rd May 2013 - Details of Community Support Scheme in Mountjoy Prison and the Dóchas Centre

23rd May 2013 - Update on Irish Prison Service and Probation Service Social Impact Investment proposal regarding youth offenders

15th May 2013 - Update on Community Return Scheme and numbers of prisoners participating in each prison

16th April 2013 - Chaplaincy services in prison and costs involved

21st March 2013 - Specific strategies and policies for groups of vulnerable prisoners

21st March 2013 - Update on the development of non-custodial detention centers for women offenders

21st March 2013 - Update on strategies regarding imprisonement for non-violent women offenders

11th December 2012 - Improving family visits in prisons

11th December 2012 – Denial of visits as a sanction for breach of prison discipline.

5th December 2012 – Reduction of teachers, classes, work training programmes in each prison, and impact of reduction in prison officers on availability of services for prisoners.

27th November 2012 – Big Issue street leagues in Mountjoy and Wheatfield prisons.

6th November 2012 - Prisoner Discipline, including withdrawal of visits

19th September 2012 – The Minister’s plans for specific action to target the particular needs of women offenders.

17th July 2012 – Number of sex offenders in prison and number of those availing of treatment programmes

17th July 2012 – Plans to improve the regime at St. Patrick’s Institution

17th July 2012 – Level of access to religious services provided in prisons

6th June 2012 - Issues around accessing Inmternet-based training, and measures to facilitate completion of courses following release

8th May 2012 - Uptake of education and training in Irish prisons

8th May 2012 - Review of the prisoner gratuity payments and allowances system

24th April 2012 - Update on implementation of Integrated Sentence Management (ISM)

27th March 2012 - Eligibility for rehabilitative or educational programmes or schemes at each prison

13th March 2012 - Uptake of educational courses in prisons

28th February 2012 - Provision for prisoners to practice their religious faiths

1st December 2011 - Payment of prisoners for work undertaken in prison

24th November 2011 - Allocation of resources on education (incl. libraries, and workshop vacancies) in Irish prisons

22nd November 2011 - Provision of rehabilitative and educational facilities in prisons

25th October 2011 - Rehabilitative programmes and participation rates

4th October 2011 - Prison Education Service and participation rates

23rd June 2011 - Prison Education Service and Integrated Sentence Management

12th January 2011 - Linkages with education and training projects in communities

12th January 2011 - Prisoner education service

8th December 2010 - Prison library facilities

30th September 2010 - Education programmes for prisoners

25th May 2010 - Expenditure on recreational equipment

20th April 2010 - Literacy in prison

4th March 2010 - Employment assistance for those released from St. Patrick's Institution

19th January 2010 - Daily gratuity for prisoners and Hardship Fund

1st December 2009 - Facilities to improve prisoner re-integration

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