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UK: Out for Good – Taking Responsibility for Resettlement

5th September 2012

Although most prisoners hope to be ‘out for good’ upon their release, reconviction rates show that around half will have reoffended and been sentenced again within a year. Many of these will return to custody.

This study conducted by the Prison Reform Trust gathered the views of prison governors and staff, prisoners, voluntary sector providers and others. The aim was to determine what is necessary to achieve successful resettlement post-release.

The study concluded that in order for resettlement to be effective, prisoners must be involved. The promotion of personal responsibility by motivating prisoners to make decisions about how to resolve the practical problems they will face on release is essential.

The report, published 5th September 2012, notes that specific obstacles to taking responsibility included a restricted prison regime, a lack of support from prison staff, and ineffective or inadequate resources or services.

The full report is available here.

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