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RTÉ: Release of life sentenced prisoners

19th September 2012

Liam on Prime Time 18092012

The release of a high profile life sentenced prisoner who has served 30 years in prison has brought the media spotlight back on sentencing, parole processes and reintegration following release.

On 18th Sept 2012, RTÉ's 'Prime Time' featured a short item about parole processes and release of life sentenced prisoners with IPRT's Liam Herrick and NUIG's Tom O'Malley. Watch the programme here.

On 19th Sept 2012, Liam spoke on the issues to RTÉ's Morning Ireland. Listen to the item here.

RTÉ online also reported on IPRT's calls for parole reform, including the establishment of an independent parole board and the removal of decision-making from politicians. Read it here.

The Irish Examiner also reports on the issues, including calls by IPRT for an independent Parole Board to bring impartiality and openness to the process. Liam states that "The easy way to improve the system is to set up a fully independent body with the necessary expertise making decisions fully removed from political controversy," adding that the decision should be taken away from the justice minister.

viewed here