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Roundup: Reactions to Justice Committee Report on Penal Reform

28th March 2013

[Updated 2nd April 2013]

A new 'Report on Penal Reform' was published by the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality on 27th March 2013. IPRT welcomed the report, and called for Government action on all recommendations.

IPRT engaged with the process by way of a submission to the Sub-Committee on Penal Reform in Nov 2011, which detailed specific recommendations around 'back door' strategies, including earned early release and a widening of remission rates and eligibility. Although some of the recommendations in the final Sub-Committee Report fall short of those proposed in the IPRT submission, the organisation strongly welcomes the report as offering a coherent plan for reform of the Irish penal system.

The recommendations of the Justice Committee were covered by many media outlets, including comment by IPRT - see below for more details.


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