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Accountability & Complaints

23rd January 2019 - Crime Investigation

15th January 2019 – Protected Disclosures Data

15th January 2019 – Prison Service Staff

29th November 2018 - Surveillance Operations

29th November 2018 - Surveillance Operations

8th November 2018 - Protected Disclosure

8th November 2018 – Prison Service Staff

5th July 2018- Prisoner Releases 

3rd July 2018- Irish Prison Service

3rd July 2018- Departmental Review

28th June 2018- Irish Prison Service Complaints 

12th June 2018 - Prisoner Complaints Procedure

29th May 2018 - Human Rights

23rd May 2018 - Prison Investigations

27th March 2018 - Prison Deaths

8th February 2018 - Prison Visiting Committees Data

8th February 2018 - Prisoner Complaints Procedures

8th February 2018 - Inspector of Prisons Reports

18th October 2017 - Prisoner Welfare

11th September 2017 - Protected Disclosure

11th July 2017 - Inspection Report Publications and Forthcoming Report on the Training Unit

11th July 2017 - Prisoner Complaints Procedure

11th July 2017 - Complaints Procedures for Families Regarding Visits

30th March 2017 - Inspector of Prisons Prison Complaints Procedure Review

30th March 2017 - Prisoner Complaints Procedures

15th February 2017 - Ombudsman for Prisons

2nd February 2017 - The Inspector of Prisons

2nd February 2017 - Prisoner Deaths in Custody in 2016

16th December 2016 - Inspector of Prisons Appointment

11th October 2016 - The Ombudsman's Jurisdiction to Deal with Complaints

16th September 2016 - Production of IPS Code of Ethics

16th September 2016 - Evaluation of IPS Complaints Procedure Audit

22nd June 2016 - Prisoner Complaints Procedure

28th April 2016 - Prisoner Complaints Procedure

6th April 2016 - Ratification of OPCAT and the setting up of a National Preventive Mechanism

12th November 2015 - Development of a code of ethics for the Prison Service and staff

12th November 2015 - Steps that have been taken in relation to the reports into prison deaths commissioned by the Inspector of Prisons in June 2014

11th November 2015 - Evaluation of prisoner complaints procedure which was introduced in June 2014

23rd June 2015 - Prison visiting committees

26th May 2015 - Prison deaths

19th May 2015 - Commissions of investigation

21st April 2015 - Dignity at work charter in the Irish Prison Service

14th January 2015 - Investigations of death in custody

16th April 2014 -Call for debate on independent prisons authority & reduction in imprisonment 

15th April 2014 -Debate on the independence & standard of accountability into investigations regarding the taping of prisoner phone calls to solicitors 

1st October 2013 - Update on proposed changes to Prison Visiting Committee system

25th September 2013 - Performance of St. Patrick's Inst. Prison visiting committee, including Prison Visiting Committee model

25th September 2013 - Update on new prison complaints procedures

13th March 2013 - Prison Visiting Committees Appointments

6th February 2013 - Update on prisoner complaints systems

6th February 2013 - Consideration of making the Inspector of Prisons accountable to Oireachtas

6th February 2013 - Update on plans to amend remit and structure of Prison Visiting Committees

18th September 2012 – The Minister’s plans and proposals for all 15 prison visiting committees.

17th July 2012 - Whether the Inspector of Prisons will have the powers to compel witnesses to give evidence

17th July 2012 – Establishment of a prisoners’ ombudsman

17th July 2012 – Number of prisoner complaints, number of those upheld, number that were appealed, and the subject matter of same

8th May 2012 - Update on the General Scheme of an Inspection of Places of Detention Bill

8th May 2012 - Response to proposal for the establishment of a Prisoner Ombudsman

13th March 2012 - Updating of Prison rules 2007 and strengthening of prisoner complaints mechanisms

11th January 2012 - Update on plans to reform structure of Prisons Visiting Committees

1st December 2011 - Prisoner Complaints Procedure

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