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1913 Lockout musical 'The Risen People' performed in Wheatfield prison

14th January 2014

Last night the Abbey theatre production of the musical 'The Risen People' was performed inside Wheatfield prison to an audience of prisoners and non-prisoners alike. The musical tells the story of events around the 1913 lock-out.

Included in the musical is a response from the audience, which last night was provided by Wheatfield's music and drama class. Their song 'Stand Together' recounts that in their opinion not much has changed since the time of the Lock-out (lyrics below).

Irish Times, Frank McNally, 'The Great Dublin Lock-out becomes a Lock-in'

'Stand Together'

Lock outs and bail-outs,

The old and the new,

Our workforce is leaving,

It's Déjà vu

viewed here