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Implementation Plan on the State's Response to Homelessness

22nd May 2014

IPRT welcomes the clear statement that "the imperative should be that no person is discharged into homelessness from the care of the State" contained in the State's 'Response to Homelessness' implementation plan, published on Tues 20th May 2014. 

The plan commits to doing more "to prevent homelessness among vulnerable persons who are exiting institutional settings (especially prisons and care institutions)," including people on temporary release.

Homelessness is a critical factor in reoffending and re-imprisonment, and measures to address risk of homelessness on release from prison are key to successful rehabilitation back into the community.

IPRT also welcomes commitments to provide aftercare plans to children leaving care, a particularly vulnerable group, and "to ensure that such young people do not end up becoming homeless".

Access the 'Implementation Plan on the State's Response to Homelessness' here. (See pp. 67-68.) 

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