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Inspector of Prisons' Omnibus Report on Deaths of Prisoners in Custody 2012-2014

12th September 2014

The Inspector of Prisons recently published his Omnibus Report into the Deaths of Prisoners in Custody or on Temporary Release between the period of 1st January 2012 to 11th June 2014. During this period 34 deaths occurred as follows:

  • 15 deaths occurred in prison or upon admission in hospital from prison
  • 19 deaths occurred while prisoners were on temporary release.

Regarding the deaths of prisoners while on temporary release, the Inspector makes reference to the obligations owed to prisoners by those managing the prison. Those in charge of the prison should seek to ensure that: proper assessments are undertaken before the release of a prisoner; that vulnerable prisoners are linked to appropriate community services and that prisoners being released have suitable accommodation. The main adverse findings of the Inspector are as follows:

  • The absence of a line management structure or the presence of a deficient one;
  • Omissions regarding the checking of prisoners on special observation in accordance with standard operating procedures;
  • Appropriate risk assessments were not carried out prior to the release of prisoners;
  • The existence of incomplete records and medical records;
  • Impossibility to determine from the medical records whether a prisoner availed of psychiatry services;
  • Lack of supervision of vulnerable prisoners upon release into the community;
  • Orders of the Governor and Chief not being complied with;
  • Inadequate CCTV footage;
  • The availability of drugs, mobile phones and other contraband in the penal estate. 

The full Report can be found here:wym-1411480657450

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