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Reactions: Inspector of Prisons' Annual Report for 2013-14

10th October 2014

The Minister for Justice & Equality published the Inspector of Prisons' Annual Report for 2013-2014 on 9th Oct 2014. The report acknowledges progress in many areas, including the reduction of overcrowding, progress towards provision of single-cell accommodation where requested across the system, and more.

However, serious matters of concern were also identified in the report, including the ongoing detention of under-18s in St Patrick's Institution, and issues around “incomplete, inaccurate, and at times misleading” prison records, which present obstacles in the Inspector's investigations of prison deaths.

The Inspector concludes his report with the comment: "I find it disappointing that, where I have identified deficiencies in one prison, I find the same deficiencies at a later stage in other prisons despite having commented on such deficiency in a published report and in certain instances in a number of reports."

See below for media coverage of the issues and concerns raised.


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