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Survey on Living with Convictions

6th February 2015

In January 2015, IPRT conducted a short survey on the impact of having a criminal record in Ireland. The survey can be viewed here.

Survey findings: 

Profile of respondents: Of those who responded, the vast majority of convictions received were for less serious offences. Criminal damage, motoring offences, possession of small amounts of cannabis, and shoplifting were the most frequent offences.

Lengths of time: It has been more than 10 years since 66% of the respondents have been convicted of an offence. Three of the respondents had not received a further conviction in 35 years, 30 years and 26 years respectively – yet their convictions continue to affect their lives every single day.

Impact of convictions:

  • 67% said that Employment was the area that having a conviction has the most negative impact, followed by Education and Travel.
  • Having a conviction presents a major issue for Getting a job (67%) – just one person said it was not an issue at all. It is also an issue for Going for a promotion (33%) – often because international travel or training abroad is required.
  • Having a criminal record is also a major issue for Travel (emigration) (62%); Volunteering (38%); and accessing Education (28.5%), according the respondents. It is also an issue for accessing Insurance (33%) and Travel (holidays) (48%).

IPRT presented the survey findings, along with statements by more than 20 individuals affected, at an Oireachtas seminar, which took place 4th Feb 2015.

For more information about the survey, contact communications@iprt.ie