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Probation Service Strategy 2015 - 2017

30th March 2015

The Irish Probation Service have released their strategy for 2015 - 2017.

In it, they list five strategic goals, being:

  1. Promotion and delivery of community sanctions and offender rehabilitation
  2. Strengthening their service to the courts
  3. Collaboration with criminal justice partners
  4. Developing a more victim-sensitive response
  5. Engaging with the community

IPRT acknowledges these as good aims for the probation service, however the inclusion of a specific strategy for the assessment and management of young offenders aged 18 - 21 would be very helpful, as this age group could greatly benefit from appropriate community sanctions and rehabilitative measures. IPRT is currently running the Turnaround Youth campaign, to better provide for this age group and break the cycle of offending.

Read more:

  • The full strategy can be accessed here.
  • Find out more about the Turnaround Youth campaign here.