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Census of Restricted Regime Prisoners April 2015

27th April 2015

The Irish Prison Service Statistics Office has recently published its quarterly census of Restricted Prisoners in the Irish prison system. The census figures indicate that the number of prisoners on restricted regimes has increased by 1 in the overall figure compared to January of 2015.

Some of the key findings highlighted by the census include:

  • There are a total of 301 prisoners on restricted regimes at present, which represents an increase of 1 prisoner (or 0.3%) from January of 2015;
  • There are 259 prisoners on protection at present, of which 253, are there at their own request;
  • 259 prisoners on protection represents 6.9% of the current prison population of 3,748;
  • Currently, there are 43 prisoners on 22 and 23-hour lock-up, which represents a decrease of 14 (or 25%) on January of 2015;
  • Since the commencement of the survey in July of 2013, the number of prisoners on 22/23 hour lock-up has decreased by 168 (or 80%) from 211 to 43.

Read the full findings of the census here. (27th April 2015)

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