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Facing Forward: Open meeting on restorative justice

11th November 2016

Judge Mary Ellen Ring to Open Meeting on Restorative Justice Tuesday 15th November 2016 at 7.00pm (Tea/Coffee from 6.30pm) Carmelite Centre, Aungier Street, Dublin 8.

The work of Facing Forward for the year 2015/2016 will also be discussed. The meeting is open to all and tea and coffee will be provided from 6.30pm prior to the opening of the meeting.

Restorative Justice refers to an alternative approach to criminal justice focusing more on the harm done than the laws broken. Restorative Justice Processes work towards the restoration (in some way), and empowerment of victims/survivors, and asking those who have offended to accept responsibility for their actions and work towards healing the harm.

Facing Forward advocates for the introduction of Restorative Justice approaches in Ireland, based on best practice that has emerged elsewhere . They further conduct research into the possibilities for Restorative Justice Processes  in the context of Ireland. Facing forward also facilitates the use of Restorative Justice Practices, and provides training in the practice of Restorative Justice and Conflict Transformation from leading practitioners. 

To watch a video and read a transcipt of
an Open Meeting on Restorative Justice with Judge ME Ring on 15th November 2016, click here.

For more information on Facing  Forward go to http://www.facingforward.ie/

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