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The Irish Examiner: Lack of Facilities Delays Releases

30th November 2016

Concerns have been raised by the Parole Board that long-term inmates are being kept in prison despite being eligible for parole because there are no facilities on the outside to support them.

In the article, Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) suggested Ireland could be in breach of the UN’s standard minimum rules for the treatment of prisoners. Rule 110 states that “steps should be taken, by arrangement with the appropriate agencies to ensure, if necessary, the continuation of psychiatric treatment after release and the provision of social-psychiatric after-care”.

Imprisonment should not be used as respite, nor as a means of providing an individual with access to services, such as counselling,” IPRT stated. “Individuals should not be imprisoned or further punished because of their mental health issues”.

To read the article, click here.

To read IPRT's Briefing on 'Parole and Temporary Release of prisoners serving long sentences' click here.

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