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UK: Problem-Solving Approaches to Criminal Justice

16th December 2016

The Prison Reform Trust UK, in collaboration with the ICPR and the University of Birkbeck in London, have released a report on problem-solving approaches to criminal justice issues.

The report by the Prison Reform Trust UK was commissioned as part of a series by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. The report examines a number of different methods of problem-solving initiatives around criminal justice.

Three types of approaches were examined in the report. The first was an initiative aimed at diversionary and welfare orientated approaches towards young offenders or those at risk of offending. Secondly, collaborative approaches between the police force and the mental health services. Thirdly, problem-solving initiatives in the courts were tested. This involves placing the judge at the centre of the rehabilitative process by having them responsible for community orders for the offender. 

In gathering information on good practices for the purpose of these Churchill Memorial Trust reports, investigators went to other jurisdictions to seek out examples and inform their research.

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