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England: Women in Prison Report 'Corston +10'

4th April 2017

‘Women in Prison’ is an organisation that provides gender-specific support for women affected by the criminal justice system, and campaigns to highlight the damage caused to women and their families by imprisonment. They deliver support, advice and counselling across the women’s prison estate in England. They also meet with women at the gate on the day of release and continue that engagement in the community through outreach and their women’s centres.

Their core campaign aim is a reduction in the women’s prison population, in a society where the abuse, marginalisation and poverty at the root of so much of women’s offending is addressed before women come into contact with the criminal justice system in the first instance.

The new report, Corston +10 has been produced on the tenth anniversary of the publication of the original Corston Report by Baroness Jean Corston in 2007. The 43 recommendations in the ‘Corston Report’ provided a roadmap for women-specific criminal justice reform, and this report aims to give an overview of what progress has been achieved to date in the implementation of the Corston recommendations.

To read the report, click here.

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