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IPRT Project: Progress in the Penal System (PIPS)

18th May 2017

IPRT has secured funding for a 3-year annual flagship project, with the overall objective of providing a comprehensive report on human rights issues in Irish prisons. For the first time, the prevailing situation within Ireland’s prisons will be independently tracked, monitored and assessed on an annual basis. Titled the Progress in the Penal System (‘PIPS’) project, the first report is scheduled for publication in October 2017.

The report will cover wide-ranging areas of penal policy including prison conditions, regimes and access to education and services. It will identify the current gaps in service provision and independently monitor and track progress over the next three years. IPRT will seek input from experts (both nationally and internationally) on the different issues and areas covered in the report.

Michelle Martyn, IPRT Senior Research and Policy Manager, is centrally involved in the design, research and delivery of this publication, with the support of a Research Advisory Group and input from external experts. If anyone would like to raise any issues that may inform this project, contact Michelle Martyn on mmartyn@iprt.ie.

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