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Anti-Social Behaviour Orders: Social Policy and Human Rights

22nd June 2005

The question whether Irish law should introduce anti-social behaviour orders has provoked a huge debate. 

On the one hand, it is said that there is a clear and social need to control anti-social behaviour which is causing severe disturbance and fear to residents, many of them elderly people  On the other hand, it is contended that anti-social behaviour orders would turn more young people into criminals, damaging the effectiveness of other social and legal policies.  Questions as to the consistency of ASBOs with the Constitution and European Convention on Human Rights have also given rise to a debate.

The speakers have particular expertise in law, criminology, penology and human rights.  There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion.

The fee to attend the conference is 100 euros, however there is a special reduced rate of 50 euros for NGOs and other interested organisations.

If you would like further information, don't hesitate to contact:

Catherine Finnegan
School of Law,
House 39, Trinity College, Dublin 2.
Telephone (01) 608 2367
Fax (01) 677 0449


5:30  Registration

6:00     ASBOs: Criminology and Penological Aspects  (Speaker:  Ivana Bacik)

6:20     ASBOs: Yet Another Pig in the Poke and Backward Step for Juvenile Justice (Speaker:  Paul O'Mahony)

6:40     ASBOs and Children at Risk - Implications for Law and Practice (Speaker:  Geoffrey Shannon)

7:00     Tea / Coffee Break

7:20     ASBOs: A Human Rights Challenge (Speaker:  Ursula Kilkenny)

7:40     ASBOs: Issues of Principle and Policy (Speaker:  Sarah Benson)

8:00     Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and the Constitution (Speaker:  William Binchy)

8:20    Questions and Discussion

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