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"Anti Social Behaviour Orders: Analysis of the First Six Years - A briefing for the launch of ASBO Concern" by Harry Fletcher

7th April 2005

An analysis of the first six years of the use of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders in England prepared by Harry Fletcher, Assistant General Secretary of Napo for the launch of ASBO Concern.

Among the report's conclusions:

  • The number of anti social behaviour orders has escalated markedly since November 2003.
  • There is great concern that people are being jailed following the breach of an ASBO where the original offence was itself non-imprisonable, and that ASBOs are being used where people have mental health problems where treatment would be more appropriate.
  • Certain local authorities are using ASBOs to clear sink estates of problematic families and individuals. This appears to avoid dealing with wider environmental problems on those estates and also avoids putting in place wider social policies that would deal with the underlying problems of anti social behaviour.
  • In Napo's view the time is right for a fundamental review of the use and appropriateness of Anti Social Behaviour Orders by the Home Office.
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