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Press release from the Ontario Government: "Central North Correctional Centre Transferring To Public Sector Operation: Private Jail Operation Contract Not Renewed"

27th April 2006

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Central North Correctional Centre Transferring To Public Sector Operation

Private Jail Operation Contract Not Renewed  

QUEEN'S PARK, ON, April 27 /CNW/ - Ontario will transfer the operation of the Central North Correctional Centre in Penetanguishene to the public sector, Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Monte Kwinter announced today.  

"After five years, there has been no appreciable benefit from the private operation of the Central North Correctional Centre," said Kwinter. "We carefully studied its overall performance compared with the publicly operated Central East Correctional Centre in Kawartha Lakes, and concluded the CECC performed better in key areas such as security, health care and reducing re- offending rates. As a result, the government will allow the contract with the private operator to expire."

Management and Training Corporation Canada (MTCC) was chosen to operate the Central North Correctional Centre in May 2001 as part of a five-year pilot project. During that period, the Central East Correctional Centre - which is identical in design - opened as a publicly operated facility. The pilot project was to determine if there was any advantage to private operations of correctional services in Ontario.  

We acknowledge that MTCC was in material compliance with the contract," said Kwinter, "but the evidence clearly indicates that the public facility produced better results in key performance areas."  

The contract with MTCC ends on November 10, 2006. Over the next six months, the ministry will work with its partners, including MTCC and bargaining agents, to ensure a safe and smooth transition of CNCC's operations to the Ontario Public Service.  



Backgrounder -------------------------------------------------------------------------   FACILITY OVERVIEW:


The Central North Correctional Centre and Central East Correctional Centre are the same in size and design.      

-   1,184-bed multi-purpose correctional facilities, each consisting of      six pods of 192 beds each for male accommodations (1,152), and a     separate 32-bed female unit.      

-   Institutions include areas for rehabilitation, programming, medical treatment, food preparation, administration, and separate buildings for industrial work programs.      

-   Both facilities are built to maximum security standards.      

-   Each facility has video court suites to reduce the need for offender   transportation to and from court for very short court appearances.

-   Design is unique in Canada and features six inter-connected octagonal "pods." Each pod contains six living units, an enclosed exercise yard, and dedicated program and visiting area. Meals and health care services are brought to the living units to reduce inmate movement throughout the facility.      

-   Living units have 16 cells, each accommodating two offenders. This  design features clear and unobstructed sight lines between     correctional officers and cells and a small number of inmates per         housing unit. Each facility also has a 40-bed segregation unit.      

-   The separate female unit at each facility accommodates 32 inmates and is inaccessible to male offenders. Also included are separate         programming areas, a recreation yard, medical and segregation units   and their own admissions and discharge area.  


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