Health in Prison

IPRT believes that responsibility for the provision of healthcare should be transferred from the IPS to the HSE. In addition to this, IPRT believes that those with mental illness should be diverted away from the criminal justice system and should be treated within a community setting, where possible. 

This section includes posts on health in prison, including mental health and drug policy. 

Joint Committee on Future of Mental Health Care: Final report 18th October 2018

The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Future of Mental Health Care has published its final report, with a core recommendation of increasing the number of acute beds from 22 to 50 per 100,000 over 3 years. Read more

Self-Harm in Irish Prisons 2017 Report 4th October 2018

The first report on episodes of self-harm recorded in Irish Prisons has been published. Read more

‘Unacceptable’ conditions for mentally ill prisoners 11th July 2018

IPRT Executive Director Deirdre Malone speaks to Irish Legal News in response to an Irish Times article reporting on conditions for mentally ill prisoners. Read more

IPRT Presentation to the Joint Committee on the Future of Mental Health Care 23rd May 2018

In our appearance before the Committee, IPRT made a number of recommendations, including investment and use of prevention and early intervention supports. Read more

'Mental Illness in Irish Prisoners' 14th November 2017

'Mental Illness in Irish Prisoners: Psychiatric Morbidity in Sentenced, Remanded and Newly Committed Prisoners' (Kennedy et al., 2005) was the first systematic and representative survey of mental health in the Irish Prison population. Read more

The Irish Times: 'High levels of hepatitis C uncovered among prisoners and homeless' 23rd August 2017

An article in today's Irish Times on an innovative new Hepatitis C screening programme at Mountjoy Prison, whose success could be replicated elsewhere. Read more

National Drugs Strategy: 'Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery 2017 – 2025’ 17th July 2017

The “Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery – a health led response to drug and alcohol use in Ireland 2017-2025” strategy sets out the Government’s response to addressing the harm caused by substance misuse in society over the next eight years. Read more

Inspector of Prisons Report: Healthcare in Irish Prisons 22nd February 2017

IPRT welcomes the Review of Prison Healthcare cited by Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald on the publication of the report 'Healthcare in Irish Prisons' on 21st February 2017. Read more

UK: Harm & Evidence Research Collaborative (HERC): 'Prison is not a safe place for people with mental health problems' 6th February 2017

Article by Deborah H. Drake and David Scott of The Open University, which states that for those living in extreme environments, such as prison, it becomes difficult to draw a line between mental well-being and diagnosable mental illnesses. Read more

UK Report: ‘Rebalancing Act’, a resource for Directors of Public Health, Police and Crime Commissioners and other users 12th January 2017

A report which examines the direction to be taken to improve healthcare provision for those who have involvement in the Criminal Justice System in the UK. Read more

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