Health in Prison

IPRT believes that responsibility for the provision of healthcare should be transferred from the IPS to the HSE. In addition to this, IPRT believes that those with mental illness should be diverted away from the criminal justice system and should be treated within a community setting, where possible. 

This section includes posts on health in prison, including mental health and drug policy. 

Report: Promoting and protecting offenders’mental health and wellbeing 24th August 2010

(England & Wales) A newly published policy document shows that there is a link between mental illness and offending that cannot be ignored; the paper sets forth a nuanced agenda for policy changes that can tackle this underlying cause of crime. Read more

Drug-related deaths among recently released prisoners in Ireland 14th July 2010

A new study has investigated deaths following release from prison among individuals recorded on the National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) from 1998 to 2005. The study highlights the need for more intensive prevention measures in the period immediately following release from Irish prisons, including the development of a national overdose… Read more

Irish Medical Times: Key to prison mental healthcare 2nd July 2010

Dara Gantly, writing in the 'Irish Medical Times', highlights the issues of locating mentally ill offenders in Irish prisons, and reports on the successes of the diversion project run by Cloverhill Prison and the Central Mental Hospital (PICLS). Read more

Medical Independent: Lights out on prison healthcare 10th June 2010

"With a rapidly-growing prison population, dwindling resources and dangerous, stressful conditions, doctors working in our prisons are firefighting in terms of inmate healthcare," writes Ailbhe Jordan. Read more

Drug Treatment Court to be Expanded 24th May 2010

The numbers being processed through the Drug Treatment Court are to be expanded following a review which shows that the scheme has reduced reoffending rates. Read more

Not a Marginal Issue: Mental Health and the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland 16th March 2010

A new report from the Criminal Justice Inspectorate of Northern Ireland follows the treatment of people with mental health problems through the criminal justice system, starting with the police, moving through prosecution and the courts and ending up with prisons and probation. Read more

Nursing in the Irish Prison Service 5th February 2010

The first research study on prison nursing in Ireland, published by the Irish Prison Service. Read more

Irish Times: Courts explore alternative to jail for mentally ill offenders 16th November 2009

In an article in today's Irish Times, Dr Conor O'Neill outlines the obstacles faced by people with mental illness in the criminal justice system, and the working of the Prison Inreach and Court Liaison Service (PICLS). Read more

Project has diverted 91 mentally ill prisoners to community based treatment. 22nd October 2009

The IPRT welcomes findings from a new study carried out by staff of the Central Mental Health hospital. Results indicate that the Prison Inreach and Court Liaison Service based in Cloverhill prison have successfully diverted 91 mentally ill prisoners to community based treatment in 2008. Read more

Launch of Counselling and Prison Based Drug Addiction Project 24th September 2009

A report on counselling and prison-based addiction treatment in Limerick prison was launched by Bedford Row Family Project, based in Limerick. Read more

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