Health in Prison

IPRT believes that responsibility for the provision of healthcare should be transferred from the IPS to the HSE. In addition to this, IPRT believes that those with mental illness should be diverted away from the criminal justice system and should be treated within a community setting, where possible. 

This section includes posts on health in prison, including mental health and drug policy. 

The Bradley Report (April 2009) 23rd September 2009 PDF documents

Evidence suggests that there are now more people with mental health problems in prison than ever before. While public protection remains the priority, there is a growing consensus that prison may not always be the right environment for those with severe mental illness (The Bradley Report 2009). Read more

Irish Prison Service Health Care Standards 30th July 2009

The need for a broad based set of health care standards to guide the provision of health services to prisoners is identified in this report from the Irish Prison Service. (Updated July 2009.) Read more

Key Issues for Drugs Policy in Irish Prisons 23rd June 2008 PDF documents

This paper, by the Drug Policy Action Group, analyses the key issues arising from current drugs policy in Irish prisons. Read more

Patients not Prisoners: Report on the Central Mental Hospital Round Table Meeting 30th January 2008 PDF documents

This report from the Central Mental Hospital Carers’ Group outlines concerns regarding the proposed relocation of the Central Mental hospital facility to a site beside the new prison at Thornton Hall in North Dublin. Read more

Criminal Justice Drug Policy in Ireland 17th November 2006 PDF documents

This paper outlines the need in Ireland for a review of the effectiveness of Ireland's present criminal justice drug policy. Read more

Keeping Drugs Out of Prison: Drug Policy and Strategy 31st December 2005 PDF documents

A report which delves into the Irish Prison Service’s policies and strategies for keeping drugs out of prisons. Read more

Incarceration of Drug Offenders: Costs and Impacts 30th June 2005 PDF documents

The Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme (BFDPP) is an initiative dedicated to providing a rigorous, independent review of the effectiveness of national and international drug policies. Read more

Harm reduction policies and programs for persons involved in the criminal justice system 31st May 2005 PDF documents

A document intended to inform the implementation of policies and programs for promoting the reduction of harms associated with substance abuse. Read more

A Review of Harm Reduction Approaches in Ireland and Evidence from the International Literature 30th May 2004 PDF documents

This 2002 report considers the evidence and key findings of Dublin City University, commissioned by the National Advisory Committee on Drugs (NACD), in its review of International Literature on Harm Reduction and of services available in Ireland. Read more

Classifications of drug treatment and social reintegration and their availability in EU + Norway 31st December 2003 PDF documents

A report laying out the concepts used as guidelines for classifying drug treatment facilities and their treatment activities. Read more

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