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"UN Human Rights Commission Seeks End To Executions" - AP 21st April 2004

The top United Nations human rights body on Wednesday urged governments worldwide to declare a moratorium on executions. In a 29-19 vote, the U.N. Human Rights Commission backed a resolution submitted by European countries that called for the global suspension of the death penalty as the first step to eliminating… Read more

"Prison voting going smoothly" - South African Press Association 14th April 2004

Pretoria - Voting in prisons around the country went smoothly, said the Correctional Services Department on Wednesday. Read more

New Report: Census Should Count Prisoners in Communities, Not Prisons 8th April 2004

650,000 return home each year without adequate services in their communities because inaccurate data deprives communities of public funding and misinforms policymakers, says new report from the Brennan Center for Justice. Read more

European Court of Human Rights Decision Upholds Prisoner Voting Rights 30th March 2004

In the case of Hirst v. The United Kingdom, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that denying prisoners the right to vote was in breach of Article 3 of Protocol 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This ruling struck down a UK law that denies serving prisoners… Read more

"Safer Tattooing Pilot Projects Initiated in Canadian Prisons to Fight the Spread of Hepatitis C" - CBC 29th March 2004

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is planning to set up tattoo parlours in six federal prisons this year. Health officials hope the parlours will reduce the spread of infectious diseases, including hepatitis C. Read more

New report exposes failure of California's "Three Strikes" law 5th March 2004

"Still Striking Out", by the Washington, D.C.-based Justice Policy Institute, shows that the policy has contributed to chronic prison growth, disproportionately affected African Americans, Latinos and people convicted of non-violent offenses, and has had little impact on crime Read more

Central Asia: HIV In Prisons Poses Threat To Public Health 23rd February 2004

A two-day conference on HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia starts today in the Irish capital, Dublin. Some activists are using the opportunity to focus on HIV/AIDS in the region's prisons. By Antoine Blua of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Read more

Prison Syringe Exchange Programs: Can they be Implemented in Canada? 19th December 2003

By Rick Lines and Ralf Jurgens for the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network in cooperation with the John Howard Society of Canada. Published in Gerald B. Thomas (ed.), Perspectives on Canadian Drug Policy: Volume II. Read more

Drug Treatment Courts in Canada: Who Benefits? 19th December 2003

By Cynthia Kirkby, John Howard Society of New Brunswick. Published in Gerald B. Thomas (ed.), Perspectives on Canadian Drug Policy: Volume II. Read more

Presentation: Harm Reduction and Drug Policy in Western European Prisons 11th December 2003

Presentation by Prof. Heino Stover of the University of Bremen, Germany at the public forum "HIV, Hepatitis C, and Harm Reduction in Prisons: Evidence, Best Practice and Human Rights", sponsored by the Irish Penal Reform Trust and Merchant's Quay Ireland. Read more


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