International News

"Prisoner suicides rise to record level in overcrowded jails" by Ian Herbert, The Independent 4th September 2004

A record number of inmates killed themselves in English jails last month, triggering concerns about the ill effects of the prison population rising so rapidly. Read more

"Prisons, Profits, and Prophets" by Bill Berkowitz, 2nd September 2004

The nation's largest private prison corporation joins forces with conservative faith-based ministries. Read more

U.S. Prison Abuse Panel Doesn't Go Far Enough, says Human Rights Watch 24th August 2004

A report by a panel reviewing Pentagon detention operations criticizes top officials, but fails to address government policy that may have led to the mistreatment and torture of detainees, Human Rights Watch said today. Read more

"U.S. military medical staff slammed in British journal" by Oliver Moore, Globe and Mail 20th August 2004

Some U.S. military doctors in Iraq and Afghanistan betrayed their duty to patients by participating in and covering up the abuse of prisoners, a report in the British journal Lancet argues. Read more

Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli Prisons Begin Hunger Strike 15th August 2004

Press Release from the Committee for the Families of Political Prisoners and Detainees in the West Bank Read more

British Court Decision Undermines Global Torture Ban, says Human Rights Watch 11th August 2004

A ruling by Britain's second-highest court undermines the global ban on torture, Human Rights Watch said today. Read more

"A second death row" by Rachael Davies, The Lancet 24th July 2004

Rachael Davies reports on the rapid spread of HIV through communities of injecting drug users in prisons worldwide, and asks why cost-effective harm-reduction strategies, such as needle-exchange programmes, are ignored by most institutions. Read more

"Felons and the Right to Vote" - Editorial from the New York Times 11th July 2004

About 4.7 million Americans, more than 2 percent of the adult population, are barred from voting because of a felony conviction. Denying the vote to ex-offenders is antidemocratic, and undermines the nation's commitment to rehabilitating people who have paid their debt to society. Read more

"Ontario sex-offender registry 'unconstitutional'" - CBC 1st July 2004

An Ontario provincial-court judge has found the law governing the province's sex offender registry is too broad and, therefore, unconstitutional. Read more

Syringe Exchange Programs in Prisons: Reviewing the Evidence 15th June 2004

by Thomas Kerr and Ralf J├╝rgens, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. Read more


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