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New report exposes failure of California's "Three Strikes" law 5th March 2004

"Still Striking Out", by the Washington, D.C.-based Justice Policy Institute, shows that the policy has contributed to chronic prison growth, disproportionately affected African Americans, Latinos and people convicted of non-violent offenses, and has had little impact on crime Read more

Central Asia: HIV In Prisons Poses Threat To Public Health 23rd February 2004

A two-day conference on HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia starts today in the Irish capital, Dublin. Some activists are using the opportunity to focus on HIV/AIDS in the region's prisons. By Antoine Blua of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Read more

Prison Syringe Exchange Programs: Can they be Implemented in Canada? 19th December 2003

By Rick Lines and Ralf Jurgens for the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network in cooperation with the John Howard Society of Canada. Published in Gerald B. Thomas (ed.), Perspectives on Canadian Drug Policy: Volume II. Read more

Drug Treatment Courts in Canada: Who Benefits? 19th December 2003

By Cynthia Kirkby, John Howard Society of New Brunswick. Published in Gerald B. Thomas (ed.), Perspectives on Canadian Drug Policy: Volume II. Read more

Presentation: Harm Reduction and Drug Policy in Western European Prisons 11th December 2003

Presentation by Prof. Heino Stover of the University of Bremen, Germany at the public forum "HIV, Hepatitis C, and Harm Reduction in Prisons: Evidence, Best Practice and Human Rights", sponsored by the Irish Penal Reform Trust and Merchant's Quay Ireland. Read more

Discussion Paper: Prison-Based Syringe Exchange Programs (PSE Programs) 10th December 2003

Reviews the evidence of HIV, Hepatitis C and injecting drug use in Australian prisons, and outlines a series of concrete proposals and steps for implementing prison needle exchange in Australia. Published by the Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League. Read more

Justice Reinvestment: To invest in public safety by reallocating justice dollars to refinance education, housing, healthcare and jobs. 28th November 2003

By Susan B. Tucker and Eric Cardora. Part of the "Ideas for an Open Society" series published by the Open Society Institute ( Read more

European Sourcebook on Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics - 2003 18th November 2003

Exhaustive resource on crime and criminal justice statistics in Council of Europe states. Read more

Justice Reinvestment: To Invest in Public Safety by Reallocating Justice Dollars to Refinance Education, Housing, Healthcare, and Jobs 13th November 2003

More than $54 billion is spent annually on prisons in the United States, much of it directed toward incarcerating people for non-violent drug offenses with little or no hope of access to rehabilitation services. Susan Tucker and Eric Cadora argue that the US's dependence on mass incarceration reflects an approach… Read more

International comparisons of criminal justice statistics 2001 24th October 2003

This bulletin brings together statistical information on criminal justice collected by the Home Office and the Council of Europe. The data covers all the European Union Member States, the EU accession countries and selected other countries. Read more


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