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PRESS RELEASE: As States Struggle with Budget Crises, Governments Spend Huge Sums on Economic Development Subsidies for Private Prisons 22nd October 2001

An analysis of the first two decades of Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) by the US research centre Good Jobs First questions how the US's largest private prison company can remain viable in the face of continuing operational problems and current national corrections trends modifying lengthy prison terms. Read more

Bailing Out Private Jails by Judith Greene, from The American Prospect 10th September 2001

The private-prison industry is in trouble. For close to a decade, its business boomed and its stock prices soared. But then reality set in. Read more

Assistance to Drug Users in European Union Prisons: An Overview Study 23rd August 2001

By Dr. Heino Stover and Carl von Ossietzky. © European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, 2001 ( Read more

Sex Offender Registries: A Costly Illusion 12th July 2001

Good evidence-based analysis of the (in)effectiveness of regsitries for sex offenders. Published by the John Howard Society of Ontario ( Read more

International comparisons of criminal justice statistics 1999 30th May 2001

By Gordon Barclay, Cynthia Tavares and Arsalaan Siddique. This bulletin brings together statistical information on criminal justice collected by the Home Office and the Council of Europe. Read more

ACLU Press Release: Mississippi Prisons End Segregation Based on HIV; ACLU Hails 'Breakthrough,' Vows to Continue Fighting 30th April 2001

In a critical breakthrough for equal treatment of prisoners with HIV, Mississippi's top prison official today announced that educational and vocational programs will soon be available to all eligible prisoners, regardless of HIV status. Read more

The Prison Industry Goes Global by Stephen Nathan 27th November 2000

Corporations are rushing to get in on the exploding growth of the prison-industrial complex. Will the WTO require nations to accept corporate prisons? From YES! Magazine, Fall 2000. Read more

Prison Privatization: Recent Developments in the United States by Judith Greene 12th May 2000

Presentation delivered at the International Conference on Penal Abolition, Toronto, Canada. Read more

"Prisons "R" Us" by Mark Weisbrot 17th March 2000

The "Race to Incarcerate" has not been fueled by an increase in homicides. Nor does increasing crime of any kind explain the explosive growth in our prison population, especially over the last two decades. Rather, it has been caused by deliberate policy changes that have brought more and longer prison… Read more


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