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UK: Out for Good – Taking Responsibility for Resettlement 5th September 2012

The Prison Reform Trust, supported by the Pilgrim Trust, has conducted applied research drawing largely on the views and experience of prisoners to determine what makes for effective resettlement post-release. Their report was published today. Read more

Scotland to build two new women's prisons to replace Corton Vale 14th August 2012

Overcrowded, unfit for purpose Corton Vale prison to be replaced with two new purpose-built units. Read more

Massachusetts to introduce punitive sentencing policy 10th August 2012

Massachusetts is to adopt 'three strikes' mandatory sentencing policy Read more

Police Commissioner candidate withdraws from process due to childhood conviction 9th August 2012

A 46 year old conviction has prevented Bob Ashford from being a viable candidate for Police Commissioner in Avon and Somerset. Read more

Inspectorate of Prisons for England and Wales reports on conditions for prisoners on remand 2nd August 2012

The Inspectorate of Prisons for England and Wales has criticised the prison accommodation, regimes, and process of release of remand prisoners. Read more

US: Criminal justice system missing opportunity to address mental health needs 31st July 2012

A new Vera Institute(USA)report, Closing the Gap, calls for early identification of mental health needs and better interagency communication between criminal justice and health services. Read more

Ten reasons for a gender-specific approach to criminal justice policy (USA) 30th July 2012

A recent report from the National Resource Centre for Justice Involved Women (NRCJIW) in the United States outlines the main reasons why gender-specific criminal justice policies make sense. Read more

UK government White Paper to address care for elderly prisoners 12th July 2012

UK government social care White Paper promises to clarify responsibility in relation to the provision of care of elderly prisoners. Read more

Reducing Imprisonment Rates - Lessons from Europe 20th June 2012

A new report investigates the most effective ways to reduce the secular rise in British imprisonment rates. Read more

Effective Drug Courts in USA 7th June 2012

Drug Courts are proving to an effective way to reduce re-offending Read more


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