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U.S: 'No Place for Kids: The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration' 4th October 2011

A new report, published today, examines the United States' approach to juvenile incarceration, which has been proven to be a failed and flawed approach to reducing and combating youth crime. Read more

(Northern Ireland) Publication of Review of Youth Justice System 27th September 2011

Justice Minister David Ford today published a report which highlights recommendations for change in the youth justice system, and wider recommendations for children in Northern Ireland. Read more

Scotland: Prisoners win in "Slopping Out" ruling 26th September 2011

Appeal judges have ruled that inmates can pursue damages after being subjected to the practice of slopping out from as far back as 1999. Read more

US: 'Resolution, Reinvestment, and Realignment: Three Strategies for Changing Juvenile Justice' 21st September 2011

A new report from the Research and Evaluation Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice reviews the most prominent juvenile correctional reform models from the past 40 years. Read more

UK: 'Community or Custody: Which Works Best?' (Final Report) 12th September 2011

Make Justice Work have today published the findings of the National Enquiry, set up to investigate the efficacy and cost of short term prison sentences versus robust community based alternatives for low-level offenders. Read more

US: Recommendations for reducing incarceration through evidence-based policies 15th August 2011

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has recently published a report making a series of evidence based recommendations on how states can reduce incarceration, reducing both costs and crime rates. Read more

Scotland: Guide for People with Learning Disabilities and the Criminal Justice System 11th August 2011

The Scottish Government has recently published a Guide aimed at improving the relationship between people with learning disabilities and the criminal justice system. Read more

UK: Programme Reducing Gang Violence in Glasgow 5th July 2011

A co-ordinated programme between community, police and other groups in Glasgow has significantly reduced gang violence according to a new report released by the Violence Reduction Unity in the UK. Read more

The Social Reintegration of Ex-Prisoners in CoE Member States 28th June 2011

A report from the Quaker Council of European Affairs highlights different reintegration and rehabilitation practices for prisoners in all Council of Europe states including Ireland. Read more

UK: Voices Unheard - A Study of Irish Travellers in Prison 27th June 2011 PDF documents

A report just published by the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain investigates Irish Travellers' experiences of prison. Read more


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